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March 5, 2012 / Dale Melchin

Staying Up Too Late

I used to know a few people who would come into work or school and they’d complain about “being tired.”  Upon further analysis, they were hung over or they stayed up half the night playing video games.  So during my school days I would never empathize, and I would tell them it was their fault, they would tell me I was being judgmental and I would call them an idiot.  Needless to say, I had difficulty making friends, but I digress.


After I turned 21 and loosened up a little bit, I began to understand why they would be so tired.  Staying up late does make it difficult to function the next day, having a hangover does make it hard focus on performing and it does chemically make you want to sleep all day.


I however, did not say this was a legitimate excuse for non-performance.


After having gotten through this phase and broken a bunch of bad habits, I’ve disciplined myself to getting up at a certain time during the week and going to bed at a certain time and limiting my consumption to a couple of glasses a wine on a given night and going to sleep early (for me is 11pm or 12 am because of my current professional role).  I have since gone back to non-empathy for midweek partiers.


However, weekends are still a problem at times because I view them as not being part of the standard week.  We don’t part like its 1699, we just do stupid stuff like stay up late and watch movies.  It doesn’t affect Saturday so much as it effects Sunday.  (Saturdays are for sleeping not Sundays.)


Now before you go “nyah, you’re a Christian and you drink, you can’t be a Christian and drink” shut up and listen to what I’m saying before you get all judgy wudgey.


What I’m saying is I’ve conquered 5/7 days of the week.  I’d like to get it down to 6/7 and possible 7/7.  The way I did this was through incremental discipline.  Through trial and error as well as creating a mission statement that expounds upon a mission that is meaningful to me, I stay disciplined, and perform well most days of the week.  Its paid off because we always know how much time, money and energy we have at any given time.  I know what to say yes and to what to say no.


My point is that if I can do it you can to.  It takes time, patience with yourself and the willingness to take charge of your own life and get people into your life who will act as a support system for you.


But the most important step at this point.  Go to bed earlier, and get up earlier and don’t drown yourself in alcohol on the weekends!


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