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November 8, 2013 / Dale Melchin

Three Things you Can Do if You Can’t Find a Mastermind Group

One of the most frustrating experiences I have had living in the part of the country that I live in has been trying to find a mastermind group that I can fit into and work with.  Earlier this year, I was part of a mastermind group but it didn’t work out because of scheduling conflicts.  I loved the people in the group and I hope to be able to collaborate with them again in the future.  In fact, I’m trying to meet up with the leader of that group to try and reconnect at a later date.  So if you are reading this Dave, nothing but love man.


The reason why the problem exists is twofold.  The first is the part of the country I live in there are so few people who are committed to self-improvement.  Upon deeper thought, this is a global problem.  High achievers are few and far between.  That leads to the other problem.  The high achievers are so busy out there achieving that they only have time to meet with people who are helping them achieve more.  Now the response from Seven Habits arises from my mind even as I’m writing this.  Use your R and I.  That’s Resourcefulness and Initiative.  So here is what I’ve come up with.


Listen to Podcasts


Podcasts are a great way to connect with high achievers without imposing on their time beyond what they’ve done to create the podcast.  I can legitimately say that I go for a walk with Michael Hyatt.  Or that I go the gym with Pat Flynn.  Or that I’m writing something with Dan Miller.  Or Dave Ramsey is at my desk with me helping me put together my budget.  The beautiful thing about these podcasts is that there is so much quality content and it is free.  And yes, I realize the podcasts are the new marketing, but it doesn’t matter because they do provide so much value without being behind the pay wall.


Read Inspirational Books


(Insert Picture here)


This is a stack of inspirational books that I keep handy on my desk.  You may know some of the titles, some of them you may not.  Needless to say, I view these books as conversations to be had or that I have had with these authors.  If you don’t like analog, you can also download a nearly infinite number of books from Amazon.  I have the Kindle App on my phone and on my computer.  I also have other books in my stacks in and around my desk.  Needless to say changing your thinking is absolutely vital to personal improvement and books are the other method to do it.  Also, if you don’t like to read, get the audio version of the book in question.  You can take it with you on a walk, to the gym, or even in the car.  Just use a Bluetooth ear piece or if your car can do Bluetooth audio from the phone, do it that way.  Earpieces are bad for driving and can get you a ticket!


Keep Searching, but not as much


On your journey to success you will run into people who will help you along the way, just by virtue of being on the journey.  The reality is many of us will have to walk alone.  So don’t make it your central focus, but more of a passive one.  That way you can put your energy into the important task of building your success.


What would doing these three things make possible for you?




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  1. Richard Nagle / Nov 9 2013 11:52 am

    You’re right man. Success minded people are scarce here. I’ve never tried this before, but maybe there’s a mastermind group that meets in G+ Hangouts?

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