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November 6, 2013 / Dale Melchin

The One thing you need to get what you want

Do you ever find yourself looking for a shortcut to achieve your goals?  Have you ever been frustrated in that endeavor?  What if there was a silver bullet, but it wasn’t what you are thinking?


The First Silver Bullet is Effort


There it is the unvarnished truth the only way you are going to get where you are going is to put forth the effort and do it.  


The barrier to achievement is always in our minds.  In fact looking for a shortcut is often a barrier to achievement.  Folks spend tremendous amounts of energy looking for shortcuts.  I know of folks who spend enormous amounts of energy avoiding work or procrastinating, when really it would be easier just to knuckle down and do it.  


Looking for a better way to do something isn’t a barrier, but thats often only found after we’ve started on our goal.  Effort is still being expended in the right direction.  If we can find a way to automate or systematize something, great, do it.  But be wary of the silver bullet mentality.


The silver bullet mentality is often found in the main areas that appeal to folks


Physical fitness


A pill is often marketed to be the thing needed to lose weight without proper nutrition and exercise.  Its ridiculous.  Supplements can be helpful in achieving our goals or for filling nutrient gaps in our diet.  But it only works if we are running the main task, which is eating right.


It is also often the case that you’ll find people marketing a particular food that facilitates weight loss.  There are a plethora of diets out there that claim to be the fastest way to weight loss.  Most of them are useless, however, some of them are useful.


Paleo is one of the diets.  I’m not going to get into a debate about how this works or doesn’t work.  The reason why it works is because it reduces the amount of carbs we consume to optimal levels, and maximizes the stuff we should be eating.  Those things are plants and animals.  The Slow-carb Diet is another one, but it allows more flexibility in terms allowing for beans and legumes.  The reason why these two are useful is because they remove the junk from a persons diet and focus on what the body needs.  And frankly, both contain many recipes that are frankly delicious, and sate the appetite very well.  They are also highly efficient in that they emphasize foods that are high in nutrients and low in calories so the body learns to run efficiently.


There are also exercise programs that are touted as silver bullets.  This frankly is a frustration of mine because I’ll see ads for latest system getting people to buy… while I’m at the gym.  The truth of the matter is that exercise programs don’t work unless they match up with where a person is in their growth or if they are not enjoyable.  You cannot be excessively overweight and do p90x effectively.  That person needs to overhaul their diet and build momentum by walking… alot.


I realize not everyone likes exercise at first.  However, you have to find something that you enjoy at first so you can build momentum.  I personally walk a lot and with winter coming, I’m going to be a gym rat again.  In the past I’ve also done martial arts.  Whatever battery of exercises you are involved with just make sure they balance, inner strength, outer strength, cardiovascular and flexibility.  There is not one thing that you need to do, but it can be multiple things.  The one thing that must be happening is effort.



I’m not going to speak much to this one, but I am going to share a few key points.  If you want to build financial discipline follow Dave Ramsey.  He combines intensity with old-fashioned common sense from your grandma.  If you want to get rich, read the Millionaire Fastlane by M.J. Demarco.  To summarize the book: Find an area you are passionate about, find the problems in them, and market the living daylights out of yourself doing it.  Another good resource is The Foundation.  Dane Maxwell teaches you how to build a software company even if you aren’t a programmer.  Finance is more difficult than physical fitness because you have to put yourself in control and be cocky enough to believe that you can control outcomes.  85% of it is a mental game that you have to make sure you are playing or else you’ll bomb.  And I can speak from experience.




Good relationships at all levels don’t happen because you are applying techniques.  You have to have character first and then proper social skills to be able to resonate with people.  Seven Habits of Highly Effective People speaks to this.  It is a timeless book.  It’s a bit heady, but once you understand it, things fall in to place at least mentally.  The challenge is again, expending the effort.


The Second Silver Bullet is realizing that process and result are one and you cannot separate them.


You want to look like Gerard Butler?  You are going to have to go through some pain to get there.


You want to be rich? You are going to have to develop something that solves painful problems and push it around in the market.  That requires courage.


You want great relationships?  You are going to have make some changes to your character.


I’m not saying this to discourage you.  I’m saying this so you’ll be efficient.  Instead of wasting your time looking for shortcuts, spend your time focusing your effort and expending it in the right areas.  I’m saying this to tell you that if you endure the challenges that will inevitably follow, you will be rewarded.  And it will be everything you wanted and more!  No one is going to do this for you, but you can do it!


What would using the Silver Bullet of Effort and the Process and Result are One make possible for you?


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