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October 18, 2013 / Dale Melchin

The Weekly Review: 5 Reasons Why You Should do It at the Very Beginning of the Week, At 5 AM On Sunday Morning

Michael Hyatt offers a terrific method for planning and organizing your week called The Importance of the Weekly Review.

Now this assumes that you are already being intentional about your life.  If not, it is a great way to keep things organized while you are getting that figured out.  Here is a brief rundown of his process (I keep a check list with these items in my Evernote, feel free to steal it and put it in yours)

i.      Gather all loose papers and process.

ii.      Clear Computer Desktop and sort into folders (I added this one)

iii.      Process my notes.

iv.      Review previous calendar data.

v.      Review upcoming calendar

vi.      Review my action lists

vii.      Review my @WaitingFor list.

viii.      Review project lists.

ix.      Review Someday/Maybe lists

He recommends doing the weekly review late on Sunday, and really anytime at the beginning of the week or the very end of the week is good, but I offer a different tack.

Five Reasons why you should do your weekly review at 5 AM on Sunday Morning

Literally no one is up at that hour.  Even if you are blessed with children, most likely they aren’t going to be up that early on Sunday.  Your spouse is probably going to stay asleep as well unless they are a productivity nerd like you and I are.

That time of the morning is absolutely distraction free and calming.  You are able to hear yourself think.  The distractions aren’t around so you can focus more readily.

Jesus got up that early, so should we.  Mark 1:35 Gives us the proof of it.  I won’t recite it here, but it gives us a moral imperative to do the same.  In case you can’t tell, this reason is tongue in cheek.

Your energy is the most untapped that it will be for the entire day.  I realize that Sunday is a day for recharging.  But why not recharge before you recharge?

You will make the most use of all seven days this week if you get up as early as possible on the first day.  You can get Sunday figured out, and you can get the rest of the week figured out!  That way you create a system where everything is accounted for and aligned with your goals.

Real reason number five you are able to get a more objective perspective when evaluating how well your week last week aligned with your goals and how you are going to adjust to make this week work.

What would doing your weekly review at 5 AM on Sunday make possible for you?  When do you do your weekly review?


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