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October 16, 2013 / Dale Melchin

Where there is a will there is a way

My cousin Caleb was married on October 5th 2013.  I almost missed that glorious event because of a series of reversals I had encountered in the month of September.  I contacted my Aunt Pamela on Google Hangouts to let her know we may not be able to make it.
I began to rethink that position after receiving some push back from her.  I thought it best to wait until I had a chance to look at the numbers for this month.  I wanted to go but it didn’t seem feasible.
What I did to solve the problem
I looked up car rentals on Enterprise Rent-A-Car.  The latest economy car the Chevy Spark was available for rental.  I plugged in the MPG and figured out exactly how much gas we would need.  Turned out the gas amount for the trip from East Moline to Holland/Grand Rapids was a little over $60.00 and the rental was about $70.00
So that was two problems down.

I then took into account food for the trip up there would be about 50.00 total, simply because I didn’t know where we would be stopping.

Then I accounted for a present for the Bride and one for the Groom about $50.00 total.  Sorry if you guys are reading this, but we wanted to take this into account as well.  And then i figured we are only going to be staying one night and it would be with my Aunt and Uncle so that’s free, and the rest of the meals would be accounted for at the reception and of course through hospitality.

All told the trip was budgeted about $225.00

I looked at up and coming projections for the month and realized, that I can swing that!

At the time I was concerned that the trip was going to be at least double especially if we were on our own for accommodations.  All I had to do was the following:
Take action.
Look at the situation
Look for ways to make it work
Adjusted amounts to match reality
This little formula can be used to make anything work.  But you have to be open to what you can do, not just what’s creating barriers.

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