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October 14, 2013 / Dale Melchin

Seven Reasons why you have no excuse for executing on life change (free resources)

The First Reason is, you have been told otherwise and you can tell yourself differently.

Conditioning for good or for ill has played a role in our lives, all of our life.  The good thing is you can use the power of conditioning on yourself.  It can be something as basic as reading a book on a new perspective can change your outlook.  Possibly something as involved as learning to meditate.  Or, simply choosing to believe otherwise.

The Second Reason is: You have the power to make yourself

According to Dr. Stephen Covey in 7 Habits we are made to act and not be acted upon.  Also Sean Webb and Pat Flynn during the latter’s 70th podcast, they both came to the conclusion that through meditation and brain training techniques, we aren’t lying to ourselves, but we are making ourselves

Pat Flynn: Dude, I’m so glad you mentioned that last part about you’re not just, you’re not fooling yourself. You’re actually making yourself.

Sean Webb: Right, exactly.

Pat Flynn: What you feel and what you think is reality.


These methods and processes for remaking the human person have been given to us by God and have been around for 6,000 years or more, and we aren’t getting it.  It’s not from lack of efficacy of these traditions.  It’s our unwillingness to persist in them or go further in them.  If we were all really honest with ourselves, we would conclude that we are our greatest barrier in life change.  That’s ok though.  Its something to celebrate, because it puts us back in the driver’s seat.

The Third Reason is: You haven’t stopped listening to the negative forces in your life.

This is the second biggest barrier other than ourselves.  It’s not something we can control directly. We can influence how much of an impact others have on us.  And of course you can control it directly by cutting out the really bad negative forces.

When you are dealing with a negative force, remember how they got to where they are and realize, they really don’t have the answers.  Tom Hopkins recommends that we take the pledge to never take advice from someone who is more screwed up than we are.

However, when we are interacting with them, we should play nice and pretend to listen and say we are taking it under advisement, and even thank them for their concern.

An even better method is just to fill your life with positive people.  The way to make this work is to be the positive person first.

Some of the negative forces will change into positive ones overtime, but realize some are just stuck.

Being the positive person will enable to acquire relationships that are positive and personally enriching because it will be a mutual process because you are building into their life too.

The Fourth Reason is: You haven’t tried

We already talked about this.

Start trying!

The Fifth reason is: You do it everyday unconsciously

It usually starts with conscious effort.  But eventually you just start doing a certain thing out of habit.

The Sixths Reason is: You can do it everyday consciously

Traffic on the way to work causes you to change course.  Things change at work and you have to adapt.

Many great people have started from the bottom and have improved their lives drastically

John D. Rockafeller started life with a wondering and morally profligate dad, but through his mother’s guidance and direction became a serious business man leading him to found Standard Oil.  But he had to go through a lot to get there.  Here is his Wiki.

Napoleon Hill according to Wikipedia,

“According to his official biographer, Tom Butler-Bowdon, Napoleon Hill was born in a one-room cabin near the Appalachian town of Pound, in Southwest Virginia.[5] Hill’s mother died when he was nine years old, and his father remarried two years later. At the age of 13, Hill began writing as a “mountain reporter” for small-town newspapers in the area of Wise County, Virginia. He later used his earnings as a reporter to enter law school, but soon he had to withdraw for financial reasons”

Here is also his Wiki.

Abraham Lincoln

While some of you folks from the South may get angry that I’m listing him as a success story, never the less he is one.  He is a man who went from poverty and obscurity to fame and lasting historical impact, regardless of what you may think of him personally.  He is another shining example of someone going from relative obscurity to greatness.  Again, I give you a Wiki.

Those people all had a working brain and a body.  They did it. You can too!

Here are the free resources I promised

Damage Control E-Book (Blog Format)

Pat Flynn Podcast #70

Art of Manliness Podcast # 46: The Art of Mastery


What would engaging in life change make possible for you?


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