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September 25, 2013 / Dale Melchin

The Second Amendment

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.


This blog is about self help and getting to the point where you are in charge of your life and responsible for everything that you do. Most of the time, I talk about personal independence. Personal independence is the ability to get everything you want or need through your own actions. This is one of the goals of being a fully actualized human being. We are made to act, and not be acted upon.


Today we are going to talk about something that is vital to living in that position. Self-Defense. My friend Dan defines this as the dangerous freedom of taking responsibility for your own safety. We’ll also contrast that with the “safety” provided by handing over that power solely to the government.


If we look at the dependence-independence-interdependence continuum, you will see a there are a variety of people who fall in different places. Also people tend to fall in a variety of places on that continuum in different areas of their life. To have success in life it is absolutely vital to achieve personal independence across the board in your life.


Unfortunately there is a growing part of the population that would just assume depend upon others even for basics. This is terrible because they damage themselves and their “heirs” in the process. They also threaten the country’s ability to sustain itself by taking unearned value away from the economy. They also threaten the basic right to self-defense. There are numerous stories in various states where a homeowner defended himself against a would be robber only to be sued later on. There are also a couple of stories out there of a person defending themselves and getting arrested in the process.
Understanding and observing the second amendment is vital to achieving personal independence. The Second Amendment provides us with the legal right to self actualize in this area and defend our progress from a physical standpoint. The bottom line, is if you are serious about achieving personal independence, you must take personal safety into your own hands.
Yes it is dangerous to keep weapons in the home. Thats what safety classes are for. That’s also what weapons lockers are for.


Gun safety, like any other skill is one that can be learned and increased, provided you have the right instructors. To not take your safety into your own hands is a position of supreme irresponsibility. To rely on the police is much like relying on a staffing agency to get you a job that fits they won’t find it for you.


I’m not saying that the police are inept. But they often arrive too late. If your house is broken into or you are personally under attack, they aren’t going to get to you fast enough to be able to help you, let alone save you from a would be murderer, mugger or rapist.


Much like being economically dependent, being totally dependent on another person for your safety can potentially hurt you, your family, and yes even society. I would even say being personally responsible in this area, is much more socially responsible than the position anti-gun advocates would have us take.


Dan sums it up the best by saying this. “Just the fact that there are those who are not so in control of their own lives, that they want others to be hindered in their ability to be in charge of theirs.”


Most of the time, I’m all about peace and love, and I am. But peace is only acquired and maintained through strength, not weakness. During the process of editing this post, Dan has given me some great feedback on how to build a comprehensive home defense system, not just with firearms.


Not being a homeowner myself, I’ll be drawing upon some of his experience to deliver this to you.


I know this can get political very easily. I assure, I’m only going to touch politics so much as it touches on psychology and self-help. Ultimately, everything does relate back to everything else.


Question: What are your views on home-defense, gun laws and the second amendment? Please leave your comments below.

And keep it civil. While I also observe the first amendment, I’m a little more strict about it on here.


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