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September 21, 2013 / Dale Melchin

The Reason for Cynicism and how to Get out: Infectious negativity

Another problem with cynicism is that it leads to an infectious negativity.  Often times those of us with our deflector shields in working order can just walk away from the negative interlocutor without any lasting side effects save for judgment on the negative person’s character.  That’s not healthy either, but I digress.

Those who haven’t properly trained themselves to handle negativity can be drawn in to join in the cynics’ negativity and it can lead the whole conversation to go south. Eventually it infects the group unless something is done to stop it.

The only real way to cure negativity is through thankfulness for what you have.  Whether it’s a job or a home situation or whatever, if it isn’t an abusive or illegal situation, be thankful, and then be proactive and do what you can to fix yourself or the situation and cultivate the wisdom to learn the difference from things you can control and things you can’t control.

Cynicism traps the cynic in a preexisting paradigm of lack and often times the cynic is trapped in a culture(s) that reinforce this worldview.

We live in a world like the Matrix.  It is a useful analogy.  The advent of civilization and society has created along with it a set of rules, norms both spoken and unspoken about what we are supposed to do, how we are supposed to be and act.  Within our American culture there are many other cultures.  I don’t mean ethnic cultures either, although, that is true.

The overarching culture prizes, success, independence and rationality.  Subsets of our culture prize other things.  You have the middle class that prizes, independence, success at negotiation, and quality.  You have the lower class which prizes entertainment, getting enough, and trying to stick it to the man and getting what they need with as little effort as possible.

The culture of the cynic, which can fall into any of these classes prizes high ideals, which is a good thing, but never stops bitching, and from what I have seen of it rarely engages in constructive action.  It also lacks a robust action plan for changing things and taking care of business.

Cynics who get together often shun or attack “Neos” or red pills who present an alternative to their mentality and as a result unless gets the agents of their system on them.  The Neos typically win the argument and sometimes the person.  The wise red pill fights as they are able to but escapes before the agents get them.  (Yes I have seen this movie several times, deal with it!)  The point is the more a person focuses on the something the more of that thing they are going to get.  It’s true in individuals, its true in groups.


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