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September 11, 2013 / Dale Melchin

Patriot Day

First, I apologize for the ads, unfortunately, I can’t control what youtube does.  Moving on.
I still remember the day very clearly.  I was at Liberty University,  Lynchburg, VA, I was in Religion Hall, waiting to see an advisor.  I didn’t know what I was going to do.  I just did what I could.  I finished my school day and went to work.  I don’t think I really ever processed things consciously.  I knew that I was committed to defending my landlady’s property if a land attack ever happened.  That was a little bit of a jump because I knew that the instigators of the attack didn’t have the resources to galvanize the Arab Nations in a land assault on America.  But in my mind were the thoughts of the Germans who attempted to infiltrate America in U-Boats during World War II.
After having twelve years to think about things, I think my mind is a little clearer on the matter.  The first thing I think of is the fragility of human life.  We are not always guaranteed tomorrow.  As a result, need to live purposeful lives.  We need to live out of a calling or vision, not simply out of our reactions.  We need to value our family and loved ones over things and allow this to push us forward in our mission.
The next thing I think of, is that somewhere out there, there is someone who wants to see me dead.  Not me personally.  But someone who hates this country so much, that if it were known to them I was an proud American, I’d be as good of a target as any.
As a result, we need to live in preparedness, not worry, or fear, but quiet and solemn preparedness, this can take many forms.  I know I talk about this quiet a lot, but we need to cultivate a strong sense of psychological independence, and the ability to take care of ourselves and others around us.  We need to be prepared physically, emotionally, spiritually and externally.  This last one includes the ability to defend ourselves with our hands as well as with weapons.
This is part of human self-actualization.  I will talk about this specifically as it relates to the issue of gun ownership at a later time.  Most of us around us are like sheep, living out our lives and our routines, relatively care-free.  We need to be more like sheep dogs on several levels to be able to defend against the would be wolves.
At the same time, we need to live our lives normally, but intentionally.  Holding family, friends and all that we hold dear close to us, being ever mindful of them.  We need to be happy and live our lives, but when we go out we need to be aware of whats going on around us.  At the same time we need to integrate empowering thoughts into our way of being, so we can have the confidence we need to act when called to do so.
Now, I normally don’t get into politics that deeply on here, let alone foreign policy, but I think our government needs to take the approach I outlined as well.
Our country needs to continue to have a strong national defense.  The people who think that we need to reallocate resources from the military and intelligence to social programs are complete and total idiots.  There are several nations out there who would love nothing more than for America to be caught unprepared for a fight.  There is enough government waste that can be reallocated to reform education and the social programs without messing with the Defense Budget.  I know I am just one man with an opinion, but I think the facts favor me, and not the bleeding hearts.
With that said, I also don’t think we need to go stomping around in the backyards of other nations either.  I realize we’ve favored the policies of pre-emptive strikes, and yes in some cases those who know more and get paid more than me may decide they are necessary.  It is the case that we have the ability to fight potential threats without utilizing our own personnel.  We can utilize bounties, letters of marque and factions that favor NATO and the West as long as we come to strict win win agreements with them about who to get and who to leave alone.  We also don’t have to nation build.  We have the technology if our assets ever get involved to take out intended targets with high degrees of precision, and then leave the people to figure it out.  I know my approach isn’t popular, but it is better than involving our forces in protracted conflicts.  This includes Syria, which I will be writing about this later month, if my overtime at work lets me.
We also need to make sure our nation’s borders are as secure as we know how and better.  If you live in the city in an apartment or you own property, do you leave your door unlocked?  No, you don’t you lock it.  Same here with our country.  I’m not against immigration, but we need to make damn sure we only let friends and neighbors into the house of our nation that aren’t going to try to take our things or murder ourselves, wife, children and animals.
To conclude, I’d like to close out with some paraphrased thoughts from the Art of War by Sun Tzu.  Put the nations interests first.  Do not be entangled in wars or alliances that are of no gain to the country.  Do not spread your resources too thin.  Unfortunately, we are doing the exact opposite of what Sun-Tzu advises.  And if the NSA is reading this post, please pick up a copy of the Art of War by Sun Tzu and put it on the President’s desk when you see him, and tell him Dale Melchin recommends that he read it.  Thanks.

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