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September 10, 2013 / Dale Melchin

Man of Steel: General Zod and Kryptonian society

We see in the movie, Zod’s approach to reshaping Kryptonian society was vastly different from Jor-El’s.  He wanted to establish himself as the military dictator and create a master race of Kryptonians.  He was effectively looking to escalate the eugenics path that Krypton was already walking down.  This makes him astonishingly like Hitler.  Zod was a lot more involved in the actual fighting.  It goes to show regardless of how advanced a society gets, you can’t evolve out crazy.

He also, in his own way loved Krypton, even though it was a product of his genetic engineering.  Regardless he was a patriot.  It actually pained him to see his hopes dashed when his colleagues were killed during the military battle between America’s forces and the Kryptonians.

It also goes to show that regardless of how much someone loves country; there are methods that are too severe to accomplish that end.  The Earth has had to learn this as a hard lesson from the Second World War from the Axis Powers.  We don’t need to learn this again.

What did you think of Zod?


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