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September 9, 2013 / Dale Melchin

Man of Steel: The relationship between Jor-El and General Zod

This relationship is a lot like a good wine, lots of complexity and nuances.  They were clearly equals in rank though they were not of the same trade, and they had completely different ways of looking at things.  And of course, for being on the Science Council Jor-El was a hell of a good fighter.  Unfortunately, he only lives on in a computer program.

The sad thing is, both of them wanted to save Krypton.  They both knew the direction Krypton had taken was the problem.  They had vastly different approaches.  Zod wanted to overthrow the Science Council and establish a military dictatorship with himself as its head.  Jor-El I imagine, simply wanted to redirect the Council and come up with a decisive plan to save Krypton. However, Krypton was saved in the person of Superman with the codex tattooed to his body.

A complex relationship always has a good back story.  In the movie they clearly respected each other.  But, neither of them was willing to back down from what they believed was right.  They were both willing to fight for what they believed in.  They probably knew each other since they were young in their careers. They may have even played together as children. And before the problems on Krypton, they may have even dined together. Those ideas make the fight and consequent murder of Jor-El at Zod’s have even more piercing.

What did you think of Zod’s and Jor-El’s relationship?  Any of you who read the continuities, what did I miss?  Please leave your comment below.


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