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September 6, 2013 / Dale Melchin

Man of Steel Review Multipart Review Intro

When I first saw the trailers for it,  I confess, I had my misgivings about Man of Steel.  The thought process I had was:  “God!  Not another reboot!  They are completely disregarding the old continuity!  They at least had the decency to respect the old continuity in the Brandon Routh film.  Why can’t they do that here?  After weeks of railing on it before it came out I decided to watch it.

Upon seeing it, I was pleasantly surprised on multiple levels.
The first level is that they spent just enough time on exposition and treating the origin story.  What was interesting to me is that the current handlers actually did a better job of it than they did in the Christopher Reeve Films.  I know, that’s blasphemy, but I don’t care.  It was done in such a way that made you connect with with the Fall of Krypton.  I think this is especially true with all of the unrest that is going on in our world.  Thankfully, we aren’t fighting a World War AND having our core collapse.  We are just dealing with a lot of world conflicts at once.

The writers actually made the origin story a hell of a lot better than the original film.  They did a lot with the relationships on Krypton.  The first of these being Jor-El and Lara.  They were both respected leaders of Krypton and revolutionaries in their own way.  Because they had a natural born son instead of a genetically engineered one (bowchickawowwow!).  This act and the delivering of the child brought a new freedom to Kryptonian society that was lost due to the fact that it was under such a strong, statist and socialistic way of doing things.  (I’m not being political at all here. 😉 ).

There are a lot of other ways the film simply wowed me.  However, they are all very deep and philosophical, and I’m not going to have time to cram the entire review into one post.  So this is going to turn into an extended series with key applications and hopefully a strong recap when it is all done.  Needless to say, I am a promoter of the film  If you haven’t seen it go, now!  Its worth the 7.50!

Question: What did you think of Man of Steel?  I’d love to read your review!


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