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September 5, 2013 / Dale Melchin

Emotional Zombies

According to wikipedia, a Zombie is an animated corpse raised by magical or according to other sources (biological) means.   The term is used to descirbe a person in a hypnotized state bereft of consciousness and self awareness, yet ambulant and able to respond to external stimuli (Wikipedia again).

This is a good definition of zombies.  It perfectly describes many parts of the American population.

The part of the American population I am talking about are those who work 32 hours a week or less, are ruled by their emotions, hate anything that interferes with there attachment map, without learning to deal with the attachment map.  They also seem to have a profound difficulty having their needs met without some sort of institutional assistance.

They typically continue in the same stupid behaviors despite recieving negative feedback.  This negative feedback includes getting fired.  Getting beat up or constantly getting into fights.  The also engage in generally juvenile behavior not appropriate to age, as well as break the law and are often rejected by non-zombies, etc.

A zombie can also be defined by one who has an intellectual capacity, but doesn’t utilize it to any extent.  They have economic capacity, but again, they don’t want to utilize it to any extent.

Ultimately, as intimidating as zombies are they are easily defeated.  Especially because they are emotional zombies and real zombies will never ever exist unless people start eating bath salts on an extended scale.

The way to defeat emotional zombies is very simple. The easiest way is to just to cut them out of your life and not have anything to do with them.  Again, I want to be a counselor, but I’m giving instructions to non counselors.  You need to just get the hell away from them so they don’t emotionally eat you.  You can prevent this by simply avoiding them or having a hard conversation with them about what has been going on.

In all seriousness, avoid them and if you do and they keep coming, combat them.

Zombies can be combated more efficiently than vampires.  The way to combat an emotional or zombie is to deprive it of its sense of correctness regarding its mode of life.

Say you are someone who works.  Your friend is someone who doesn’t work.  The best thing you can do to that zombie is tell them they don’t deserve a thing they get from the government.  To further combat the zombie, you need to tell them they need to get a real job and stop eating other people’s goods, to keep themselves alive.  This harsh message from the land of the living will do one of two things.

Either they will try to kill you (emotionally) and eventually leave or, they will learn to listen and correct their stupid behavior.  The first option is more likely than the last option.

The truth is emotional zombies need to be combated through any and all means necessary.  They need to be confronted with truth and grace.  And if the cure does kick in, they can be reintegrated into society.

Remember these zombies are more subtle than you think.


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