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July 1, 2013 / Dale Melchin

In House Changes and What to Expect

First of all, let me apologize for my long absence.  Its gotten crazy at work.  Constant overtime being offered and I’ve been taking it.  As a result my creativity has been zapped.

As a result of my creativity being zapped, I’m changing this blog from an advice blog to a follow me to personal achievement blog.  Let me explain.

I originally started this blog with the intention of dispensing advice from ancient traditions and other areas that I could glean it from such as modern psychology.  As time has wore on I’ve felt at the least very hypocritical.  While I’ve made significant progress internally, I’m not a Buddha, I’m not even an Anthony Robbins or a Michael Hyatt.  I am me.  And that is ok.  I’ve recently realized that the journey I am on is not to become like Michael Hyatt.  It is to become my best and most fully developed self.  That’s gonna look a helluva lot different in a lot of ways.  From any of the Master’s I have mentioned.

Here is what to expect:

Life can be taken apart into Seven Different Components according Dr. Stephen R. Covey (may he rest in peace).  Spiritual, Physical, Mental, Social/Emotional, Financial, Career and Personal Development.  The last one feeds back into the other 6.  In the book this is call Sharpening the Saw.  Here is what you’ll see on a daily basis.

Shorter Entries

You will likely see measurements and weigh ins for physical stuff.  For spiritual things to avoid incurring the wrath of Matthew 6:1 I will likely discuss how I’m reacting to things or a particular issue that I’m battling with that is acceptable for public consumption.  This will mainly be dealing with how I’m dealing with people or responding to circumstances.  My goal has been to avoid awfulizing and to respond with either positive emotions or healthy negative emotions.  I won’t talk about my meditation practice  unless I am talking about how to do it.  And frankly, I probably won’t talk about that because I don’t feel like I’m that good at it.  The mental side will likely be spill over from the spiritual, or it may deal with how quickly I can run calculations without a calculator, or other things related to thinking.  Social/emotional will likely be how I’ve responded in particular ways to people or things in contrast to how I’ve done so in the past.

Financial.  I’ll probably spend the least time here.  I’ll probably only talk about when specific goals in my Dave Ramsey Plan have been met.  I may transition to other areas as I gain traction.

Career.  I may talk about a success at work as I am allowed to, or even a failure and about what could’ve been done even better.  Once I get things straightened out with Western I may expand upon this more when I get into the Counseling Program and how I’m juggling this with other responsibilities.

Personal Development.  This will probably consist of books that I am reading or a concept that I’m looking to integrate or a new exercise I am trying.  Again it could be anything.

They may be short survey entries or I may deep dive into a particular topic or area of life.

The point of this reorganization is that I am on a journey.  I believe that I can achieve all that I am setting out to achieve.  I want others to believe in themselves too.  I want others to believe the pain must be embraced in order to succeed.  I want to give hope to others.  But I also being that I am human, I’m also very selfish.  I’m looking for fellow sojourners and warriors as well.



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