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May 29, 2013 / Dale Melchin

Win From Within: Kevin Durant and Dwyane Wade

A few days before a big game Kevin Durant of the OKC Thunder has a vision of a disastrous loss to Dwyane Wade of the Miami Heat.  Clearly motivated, by the divine warning he moves into action.

  1. He trains in his craft.  The net out is this, no matter how good we get at life, our careers, our businesses, etc, there is always room for improvement.  Even if it is only a 1-2% improvement, sometimes even that small of a result brings enormous benefits.  In martial arts to create an opening, you don’t have to completely incapacitate your opponent, you just have to get their fist out of the way long enough to get a hit in.  That can be seconds.  We have to have such a foundation that it is all that it takes.  The goal is mastery and perpetual improvement, and that is what Kevin started in on.  For him, it was running, biking, jump rope, push ups, and various weights.  It is different for everyone.  What is it that you need to be doing?
  2. He visualizes the results.  This always comes after training.  We peek into the future of possibilities and cultivate faith in those outcomes.  We place the reality in our hearts, before we bring it forth in the real.
  3. He acts out of his vision and training.  He gets out on the court and moves the ball forward.  So many times we get lost in the demands of our lower desires that we get off track.  It is important that we avoid this and always act out of our vision.  It will give us the wearwithal to win, even if we are defeated, we didn’t fail, because if we act on the defeat, it creates opportunities for the future.
  4. He get the results he is seeking… or does he?  This is where it gets tricky.  In one instant, Kevin defeats Dwyane Wade, but does he?  The thing we need to realize is that our outcomes our never guaranteed.  That is why we need to take to heart the Hindu proverb, we are entitled to our labor, not to the fruits of our labor.  The more we train, connect with our vision and continually improve probability of getting what we want goes up.
On the other side of the the commercial Dwayne Wade wakes up the possibility of a disastrous loss. It is assumed the he engages in the same action that Kevin did.  And so the cycle goes on.
The point is that we need to change our thinking and engage in activities that increase the probability of desired results, rather than thinking lineally.

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