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May 24, 2013 / Dale Melchin

The idea of being worried about someone who has the entrepreneur mind or who doesn’t have a conventional career

We often worry about those folks who don’t conform to what we think they should be doing.  And ultimately, its a ridiculous thing to do because each one of us is hardwired with a particular vocation or calling that we must answer for.

Each one of us is accountable to the the Absolute, or God if you prefer for making full use of our potential.  Those of use who have enough clarity to know and to do what God calls us to do should not listen to those who have little or no clarity.  This doesn’t mean there is no room for the counsel of others.  There are two questions to ask when getting counsel from others.

The first is do they have the results in there life that I am looking for?  Now we have to be careful with this question.  If a person has achieved a modicum of success above the level where we are, we need to pay attention to them.  There is something to learn.  Here is a for instance.  I have a friend who will remain nameless.  He is a highly talented and what I would consider to be a successful MBA in Accounting.  He has technical knowledge and great people skills.  He can pretty much get whatever job he wants and get into whatever business he wishes and help them understand their issues and fix them.  He makes a high income has a beautiful home in Bettendorf.  I have often joked with him that I would love to have his problems.  The reason being it would mean that I would also have his level of income and autonomy in life.  Now he wants to be an independent professional and he is working toward that goal.  So for me to that answer would be yes.  As a result, I can glean the principles from success in his life and apply them to my own.

The second and more important question is this.  Is what they are doing in line with my vocation?  If the answer to that is no, do not mimic the person in everything.  Apply the principles to your calling.  The next answer to this question is… well another question.

What is my calling and what am I going to do to actualize that calling day to day life?  For me that is becoming a life coach and counselor.  For you, that can be completely different.  The best way to find that calling out is to begin soul searching.

The take away is this.  If you are a person who knows your purpose in life, DO IT.  Let nothing stand in your way.

If you are someone who is encountering this person, but you have not received the gift of knowing your calling, don’t get in their way.  Help them get there and maybe you will find your calling as well!


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