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May 23, 2013 / Dale Melchin

The Tribe Doesn’t Give a Damn

In his book Turning Pro, Steven Pressfield has a very short chapter about the tribe.  He is very edgy in his description about the tribe’s reaction to the would be hero’s journey.  He says it very succinctly that ultimately, the tribe doesn’t care, and they have there own problems.  There is no tribe.

Its all in our heads.

And yet it isn’t.

At least not initially.

When a person declares that they are going to walk their own path, there is usually some level of resistance from parents, peers or significant others.  They are like the black crabs that will ultimately try to pull you back into the bucket of death.  It is sad and frustrating not to have support from those you love and who claim to love you.  Unfortunately it does happen.

The tribe is a system that is created to help keep us from going over the rails into potentially harmful things.  But more often than not the tribe is wrong.

If you persist in your desires to achieve greatness, however the tribe will leave you alone.  If they are any kind of good family or friends, they will still love you.

However, you must persist and answer your own calling despite the Resistance, internal or external.

Ultimately, they don’t give a damn because they have 99 problems to deal with.

Journey on, Hero!


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