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May 17, 2013 / Dale Melchin

Dependence, Independence and Interdependence on a macro scale.

The current economic challenges we are facing are two fold external and internal.  We will discuss both.

External:  The jobs that once sustained the middle class are going away.  The reason being is because changes in technology have made those old school jobs obsolete.  Regardless of your positions on free trade and outsourcing, the reality is many of those jobs are going away, permanently.  We are entering an era that is requiring us to rely more upon technology and machines and service rather than producing those machines.

Granted, there will always be some manufacturing jobs around, but they are getting to be sparse.  This creates problems in the environment and causes people to cry out to the government or to the general environment to create jobs.  The challenge is as far as job creation is concerned is that people are barking up the wrong tree.  They need to look with in.  That leads to the internal challenges of the job market.

Internal: Each of us is endowed by the Absolute with certain gifts and abilities that make our contribution to the world unique.  We fail to realize those gifts for several reasons.  The first is the expectations from the tribe.  The second is that our training environments for school, such as they are teach us to be dependent upon the system, rather than the attainment of self knowledge.

According to Dan Miller 80% of finding a job is internal.  Getting to know ourselves and our tendencies and then finding the correct fit for those jobs.  That’s the other 20% , the external.  Since we’ve got this backwards, its no wonder we are in such a situation.  People are simply not matched up with jobs that fit.  And not only that, they don’t know themselves and as a result don’t have the wherewithal to withstand change in the environment.

If we can get this right, finding and following our innate strengths, we’ll be able to get into and find the work we need to sustain ourselves.  This may even put you on a better path to self-employment, where it is just you and the customers.


The problem is to quote Morpheus.  Most of us are not ready to be unplugged.  We are so inhered to the thinking of the industrial age that we can’t fathom making such a change.

However, such a change back to independence in economic matters is long overdue.

Really, we are just going back to the way things were before the industrial revolution except now it all takes place on the internets.


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