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May 15, 2013 / Dale Melchin

The Dangers of Catastrophizing

The Name of my coach shall not be identified….

However, he has helped me figure out a tendency that runs with me and that tendency is catastrophizing.  It isn’t a word yet.  But it is the act of promoting something that should be at the level of annoyance or frustrating to the level of clan or even world ending.

The truth is, no bad thing that happens to us is catastrophic.  It is not world ending, or even city ending.  We tend to promote it to that level because our egos are involved with it.  We have the audacity to think that we are the world.

It is dumb.  We are not the world.  We are 1/(insert symbol for infinity here) of the world, or more accurately the universe.

The challenge comes when a bunch of us fail to find out what God or the Universe (for my agnostic readers) needs us to do.  It doesn’t even have to be a majority of us who screw up.  It only has to be a sizable minority before it becomes a problem.

It is aggravated by catastrophizing.  When we make our molehills into moutains.

We get caught up in what we think is supremely important.  And it really is not.  It is something we have made supremely important through previous defeat or neurosis or other challenge we encounter.

The other thing my coach told me is that.  We need to learn to remove the distortion from our minds, and come up with 5 or 6 things that are not distorted ways of thinking.  Once we remove the stinkin thinkin from our minds.  We begin to pick up traction.  It actually only happens then.

Beyond that, if your thinking is in error, and you continue to catastrophize, it will feel like you have 99 problems.  Stop Catastrophizing!


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