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May 11, 2013 / Dale Melchin

The First Wall of the Storm

Rough, angry, hateful. Destroying anything, and anyone that is not protected. Hurricane, Typhoon, Tornado, or Water spout. Unless you are Superman, Neo, or Jesus Christ and believe me you are not any of those, you will be destroyed if you do not take the proper measures to deal with the first wall of the storm.

Those who survive these things lacking protection from a basement or bunker are either blessed by luck or Divine Intervention. That is why we don’t take chances or “poke the bear” when it comes to storms. Even animals know this. My American Medium hair, cat Oreo has the instinct to hide from storms in our bathroom behind the toilet, even if it isn’t a bad storm. My Burmese “kitten” isn’t as intelligent as Oreo.

Physical storms destroy property and can damage both physical and spiritual life if one isn’t properly prepared. But they can also show the strength of physical and spiritual life as well.

The same goes for the non-physical storms in our lives. They can either destroy us on the inside and make us have to start over, or it can show us how strong we really are.

The way this doom goes depends upon what we do in our day to day lives. If we are doing things that cultivate inner strength and character, we will survive spiritual storms and have the courage to stand up under physical storms.

However, if we are seeking instant gratification, our lives will quickly fall apart under the least bit of duress.

So, the choice really is up to use regarding of which path we will walk.  Will we walk the path that strengthens our resolve?  Or will we cultivate weeds and walk the path of instant gratification.

The choice, is ultimately yours.


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