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May 6, 2013 / Dale Melchin

The Functioning, but Sucky car, or the Trusty Rusty

The next car is the one that works, but its got 99 problems, but the engine isn’t one of them. Well it may be, but the car still goes. It hasn’t broke yet, but it may be close to failure at some level if care isn’t taken to fix it.  This one can be expensive both in time and money to fix.

However, in our throw away world it will cost less in dollars if we fix the car ourselves. Even if we have to use a book to guide us, and consult a mechanic for the rest of it.
This is where most of us are. We run, but we have problems. As long as the car runs we don’t pay attention to them.   But if the engine goes, brakes fail or a wheel falls off, we run into problems.

We who are in this position have jobs, we have some idea what our purpose in life is, but it isn’t real clear, we are  distracted often times our lives are a function of the conflicting code of instant gratification and delayed gratification.
We may even be on the road to enlightenment/self-transcendence but its often 2 steps forward and 3 back because we succumb to
stress, engage in catastrophizing, or just attribute the wrong meaning to the events in our life.

The problem with being in this position is that we risk a lot of things. Because we are not yet impervious to external circumstances, when a stressful event happens instead of processing it in a healthy fashion with engaging in
irrational behavior such as overeating or rage or anger, or just being out right self-destructive through the use of drugs or alcohol.

We also risk relationships, money, standing, our character even our lives if we don’t get the car fixed.

A car in this position can be fixed in a variety of ways. Its going to vary from make and model of car. This analogy works well because we like the cars on the market are all very very different.
While I would have to speak to you personally and get to know you to give you a step by step of what’s broke and what needs fixed. The way you fix your life is the same way you fix your car.

Identify the areas that are causing the most pain and then fix them. After that you do a system by system review of your life to make sure that each is working optimally.

For humans we look at spirituality, mental, social, emotional, career, finance, and time control.

Again, your situation will be different you may have great success career wise, but you are suffering from meaninglessness.  You may be broke, but you are doing well spiritually or intellectually. Or you may be doing fine across the board which means you are a high performance vehicle! This will be our next area of analysis.

If you are at this level, what steps do you need to take to get to get the systems fixed and get to high performance?


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