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May 1, 2013 / Dale Melchin

Finding Your Vision

I have a small announcement to make.  I’m not going to pull any punches about life as it is now for me.  No, I’m not going to turn this blog into a nest of negativity or a cesspool of cynicism, but I am going to take a very authentic approach to life and what I’m doing.  I know that success or failure in life depends upon finding your vision for life, your calling or your vocation.  I already know what that is for myself.  It is to help people identify and resolve the issues in life in a proactive and constructive manner.  I want to do this as a counselor and life coach.  I am already finding myself doing this informally with a few people and will be moving this into a more formal structure momentarily.  It is both joyous and frustrating, knowing what I need to do and doing it on a certain level.  The frustrating part is that I am not doing it full time yet.  But it is ok.  Part of my message is learning to be happy and present where you are and working toward the future.


This blog from here on will serve a twofold purpose.  The first is to document my personal journey from where I am now to self-actualization and self-transcendance.  The other purpose is to provide you with insights from all over life to be able to learn to do this for yourself.

With that announcement over, lets launch right into the content.


Many times in my travels I will run into folks who feel confident in discussing their problems with me.  I love this because I love helping people.  When I did this in my younger days I would often come up with a solution and get very in your face about it.  It would often do more alienation rather than help with a few exceptions.  Now at the end of a person’s long rant I ask them this one question.

“How is it that you want your life to turn out?”  Or “What is your vision for your life?”

Sometimes people will be stunned, but after other prodding I generally get some good answers.  It generally has to do with things in their external environment.  I’ll generally try to ask more questions but then we run out of time.  Such is the nature of working in the corporate world.  Lunch hour ends.

If you’ve talked to me in the past or if you’ve never read this blog, continue reading.  I’m going to share some simple insights I’ve discovered in finding your calling.  This is a theme of this blog so we will come back to it from different angles.

As with anything that stands the test of time in this world finding your vision is a process.  To get a general idea of it can take up to a year.  For me it took me about 10 years after moving back here to really get a handle on my calling.  However, we can accelerate the process if we are intentional about it.  The earlier you start, the better off you are.

Vision is found in two ways.  The first is being active in the external environment.  This includes trying different jobs, meeting with people socially, taking personality assessments, studying a variety of subjects and being physically active.  The more we are proactive and engaged the faster we will be able to punch fear in the face and find our calling.  I would call this finding your external vision.


The second is internally.  This involves reflection, meditation, journaling, more studying, life planning and so on.

Both of these take practice and discipline.  However the more of these things you do and the less time you spend on trivial pursuits such as facebooking, TV, hanging out with negative people and so on, the more you will find your vision getting clear.  Then you can get started on pursuing that, defeating Resistance, and attaining true happiness.


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