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April 23, 2013 / Dale Melchin

The Bushido Code: Honesty (誠 makoto)

Honesty: fairness and straightforwardness of conduct.  According to Dr. Covey honest is aligning your words to reality.

This applies in two areas, yourself and with others.  First we will work with others.

In order to attain to the Bushido we must be honest with those whom we work with.  Superiors, subordinates, and colleagues.  This is the external environment.  Especially in the corporate world if you are being deceptive, you will be found out.

Obviously, in a combat setting while we may fight with honor (see below), however, we don’t have to be honest with our enemy.  This would be one exception to the honest rule.  Honesty applies more to the relationships in your own sphere.  With those who are important to you be honest.

Honesty with yourself.

We ourselves must estimate ourselves honestly.  We must not be too hard on ourselves.  This is something that I struggle with personally.  If I say unkind things to myself after a screw up, I am being dishonest with myself.  I am lying to myself.  Those unkind things aren’t true.  Even if you may have screwed up or have a life of screw ups, you are a quality person.  If you aren’t doing anything to correct those problems, you are wasting yourself.  You are giving in to the ultimate lie and it is self-destruction in the highest degree.

The other side of it is not to overestimate your capabilities either.  Do not bite off more than you can chew.  While we have limitless potential, that potential is capped by our tendencies, natural abilities etc.  And while we may push those boundaries and continue to learn, you cannot be ANYTHING you want to be, you can be your best self.

The best way to get honest with yourself and your abilities is to read and take the tests on Strengthsfinder 2.0.

If you can get these two areas nailed down along with the other areas you will be on the path to success.  And like the 7 habits they play into each other.


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