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April 8, 2013 / Dale Melchin

The Bushido Code: Courage (勇氣 yūki)

This one is going to be relatively straightforward and short, so I hope you all enjoy.  Courage to the soldier whether present or ancient is pretty clear.  Its very similar to point one.  It is walking into combat and facing the enemy despite fear.  Although as a soldier, so much is risked in a war situation including ones own life.  While the problems we face as civilians aren’t as physically threatening they can still generate a great amount of fear with in us that must be counteracted.

Acting Despite Fear

We’ve already discussed what this looks like in the soldier’s life, however brief.  There are many ways we have to combat fear in our easy lives as civilians.  We may have to have a candid conversation with a loved one or friend.  We may have a creative endeavor that we are looking to launch that we are passionate about, but we are afraid of how the market will react.  The solution is simple.  Control the things that can be controlled, and then just step into it and start.  Both Steven Pressfield and Michael Hyatt say the same things.  To quote Seth Godin, you have to lean into the problem.  When you get through the dip in any endeavor you will be rewarded.  This is what we must keep in mind.

Acting on what is right regardless of outcome

This is closely related, but has broader application.  Are you needing to have a conversation with someone about something they did?  Are you needing to own up to a mistake?  Take a moment to emotionally detach yourself from the outcome and step into it.  You may stumble over yourself.  But if you do it and get it done, you’ll be so glad you did.

Acting on Your Vision, Despite the Risks

This is assuming you are one who tries to set and achieve goals for yourself.  If you don’t have a vision, you need to get one.  A vision is basically a plan for your life.  It incarnates itself in the form or mission statement, life plan, or something similar. It can be something conscious or unconscious.  It can also be your belief system regardless of what it is.  So many times we hold ourselves back from being our authentic and best self because of the personal risks.  This is what is called Resistance.  However, if we act to defeat the Resistance by stepping into it, we will summon Assistance, which will give us the tailwind to push us forward in our attempts to realize our vision.

Using spirituality as a weapon to detach from fear

Whether you are a Christian who believes that God is on your side or not you must utilize spirituality to detach from fear.  Part of this is visualizing the situation and projecting into that situation how you will act to achieve the outcome you want.  This is more efficient than procrastinating on the issue.  Cultivating also a healthy level of general detachment, presence and centeredness will help you in life over all.  Spirituality is going to be your most powerful weapon.

Conclusion: Courage is requisite to high achievement

Regardless of how large or small your endeavor you will need to cultivate courage through thought and action in order to move forward.  Remember, when all else fails, just step into it!

What would more courage make possible for you?


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