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April 5, 2013 / Dale Melchin

Extended Absence: No excuses, but I am explaining my existential reasons for it.

As a culture, we get annoyed with people who keep making the same mistake and apologizing for it but do little or nothing to change it.  I know I do, I know people who do.  I am confident that you do.  I get annoyed when I do it, I’m sure you get annoyed when you do it.

The problem with such a hard-line position with repeated mistakes is that we fail to overlook a certain truth behind this action that we take or fail to take in the real.  We have the mistake hardwired into us and we aren’t aware of it.  Or we have the mistake hardwired into us and we are aware of it.

The problem with the first position is that if that is us, we fail to take responsibility because either we are unable or unwilling to make a paradigm shift.  There is still hope in this case, because the shift hasn’t taken place.  But if we fail to ascend to self-awareness we risk alienating ourselves and others.

The problem with the second position is that we are then responsible for the issue, even if we are having a hard time.  There is still more hope.  You can take ownership of it, you can take steps to change the habit.  You can do damage control more easily than you can in the first position.

Of the two of them I’ll take the second position over the first position.  This is the position that I am in.

Without getting into the gory details, I will say the reason for my absence is two fold.  I am struggling with how my vision and mission are going to fit in with my current circumstances.  Those circumstances, I realize are a result of previous choices I have made, and from lacking a vision previously in my life.

Just to make it clear as to what is not going on.  My marriage is not in peril, I’m not in trouble with the law.  I am having trouble making things fit.  As a result it has taken up cycles in my creativity and sense of purpose.

The part of this problem that I will share with you is this.  March is a month where two events in my life unfortunately coincide.  The first event is my birth month.  I was born March 5th 1981.  The other event is on March 1st.  This is the anniversary of my father’s death.  This juxtaposition has been a source of trouble for me since it became a reality.  I can’t move either of the dates.  So I have to call upon the Irish part of my heritage and live with something wrong in my life.  This as well as other things have taken up creative cycles in my life.  This is the psychology behind my recent stall in content.

Now according to Jack London, that is not an excuse.  Even for creatives, we have to dig in and do the work.  We have to lean into the problem.  This is the first of many paradigm shifts  that will be coming in the days and weeks ahead.

I’m not writing this to get pity, but to give you understanding of the problem.  And hopefully you will gain insight and understanding into your own life.  I have not abandoned this platform.  I’ve simply been looking with in.

So thank you for your readership.  It means more to me than you know.


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