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March 14, 2013 / Dale Melchin

The Bushido or the Code of the Samurai

Part of the Mission of Incisive Observations is to take Ancient Traditions and make them relevant to today’s world. Whether we are talking about the Abrahamic Traditions or the Taoic and Dharmaic traditions my mission is to yank the ideas out of the past, break them down for you and make them relevant to you!

Ultimately, regardless of your chosen tradition, your success or failure in life, business, or any endeavor is going to be hinged upon your ability to grasp, integrate and live out these principles in day to day life.  According to Stephen Covey, success is a function of principle based living, not just personality techniques.
With that I give you the Bushido Code.  And as I am writing this, this just became a multi-part post.  So for the next 9 blog posts imagine the neighing of horses, the clashing of swords, and shouts of personal challenges on the battlefield.

According to Wikipedia, The Bushidō code is typified by seven virtues and two associated virtues.  For your convenience I have left the links in so you may look at the content on Wiki in another window.

  • Filial piety ( kō)  (My Fundamentalist friends, I am not espousing ancestor worship, so no shouting!)
  • Wisdom ( chi)  (This is different from the Chinese concept of the Energy Field)
  • Care for the aged ( tei)

And here you have it.  A simple (not easy) 9 point strategy for living.  It encompasses nearly everything that would be relevant to living in the modern/post-modern world.  You may start with one and it will lead back to the 9 as they are interrelated.  So put on your armour, pack your horse and join me on this journey through the nine!
Question:  What do you think of when you read these?  How would integrating one or all nine make more things better for you?  Leave your comment below!


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