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March 12, 2013 / Dale Melchin

My first Experience at a Barbershop since high school and my take on it

As the Title says I have not been to a real barbershop since high school.   I didn’t realize what I was missing out on.  It was an amazing, manly experience

Round one: trying to get my hair cut.

I go in with a folder, the proprietor thinks I’m an investigator because I come in with a red folder.  I told him I had some ideas.   He thought I was trying to sell him something.  I just show him and the actual barber cutting my hair the pictures.  They were pictures  of  Don Draper  and Pete Campbell from MadMen. I get my layers off and ask if they take debit?  Unfortunately, they don’t.  So I have to run to the gas station to get cash and fill my tank a little bit.

Round Two! Cut!

I get back and show the pictures.  The barber tells me that he’s going to give me a combo of the two gentlemen in the pictures.  While cutting, me, the proprietor and the employee have a nice discussion about my day job.

Meanwhile I’m eyeing all of the cool things in the shop.  Mostly stuffed hunted animals which is cool because it’s manly to hunt.  There was even a toy airplane made of beer cans.  When I go see him again, I’m going to get permission to take pictures and post them.  I’m sure he won’t mind the free publicity.

While we were having interesting conversation, in short order, the cut was done and I looked great!

In Conclusion,  getting my haircut at a barber was a wonderful experience.  The conversation was great as well as getting the haircut I got exactly what I wanted!

If you are in the Quad Cities area, I recommend you visit this little place.

Cut-Rite Barbers

3510 4th Ave Moline 797-7011
Ask for Jay
If you are a man and have never gone to a barbershop and have gone to those unisex places, stop that and find a local barber. You’ll be glad you did!


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