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March 2, 2013 / Dale Melchin

The Enemy Within

In our journey to success we have at least Three Enemies that live within us.  Our fallen nature, conditioning, and our habits.  The fortunate thing about this is all three of these things is that we can commandeer them to work in our favor and become our own greatest ally, avert failure and achieve success.

The first of these is our fallen nature.  Every single ancient tradition talks about regardless of how good we are we still have a strong bent toward imperfection.  In the Abrahamic traditions (Christianity, Judaism and Islam) our very natures have a bent toward not listening to God.  In the Eastern (Dharmaic and Taoic) traditions we have the tendency to attach ourselves to the way we think they should be and suffer or act against nature, and as a result suffer.  This is even true in our more modern psychological traditions point to this.  (Hey science!  I think that proves the point for the supernaturalists.. he he he!)

In all seriousness though all 6 of these Traditions the 5 ancient the the whole of the modern version point to the fact that we can improve upon our nature.  The ancient traditions point us to methods of stillness and prayer that will help us work within ourselves to complete this task.  In the modern traditions we have methods of therapy, hypnosis, self-hypnosis and NLP to aid us to the end preparing ourselves for the outer work.

The second is conditioning.  This area includes family upbringing, cultural mores, and the many environments we are often forced to endure in our journey.  Changing the environment can be easy enough.  The hard part is uprooting the conditioning that has taken root within us.  We can start  uprooting this by changing our relationships and our general environment, so that way we start to be reconditioned.  The other aspect is to actively combat our conditioning by meditation and creativity.  This helps us realize new possibilities that otherwise would’ve been closed to us.

The third is our habits.  This is is perhaps the hardest because they are part of our consciousness and our subconsciousness.  We revert back to these when our intention collapses.  Our intention is a function of or rational mind, not our creative side and our subconsciousness.  That is why when we are attempting life change our intention will collapse several times early in the game.  This is especially true if we have multiple self improvement projects going on at once.  Fixing our habits, requires of us more action rather than internal work.  While the meditative exercises till the ground for us, action is where we do the planting and weeding.  I’m going to apply these three points below.

The road to victory is long, but tough, and so worth it.  The road however can be shortened.  The adage from Sun Tzu’s art of warr is very applicable here.  Attack weakness with strength.  Another idea that can be couple with it from the Book the Power of Habit is to usurp and change a key habit with a new one that ripples out to other areas.  For instance physical fitness is a good one.  If you start going to the gym, you are going naturally want to maintain your work by good nutrition.  This can of course apply to several areas and I won’t name them all off right now.  But needless to say the levers are there.

We are the instrument of our own lives.  We can through freewill, meditation, massive action and incremental changes over time gain mastery of ourselves. If you have a hard time swallowing this, then put aside your “rational” thoughts and believe and do.


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