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March 1, 2013 / Dale Melchin

Security : Secure the land.

In our journey toward success, we run into different types things.  The first of those different things is security.

There are different types of security in the world and all of them are to be taken seriously.  There’s psychological security.  This is the kind that flows from having confidence and validation from within, as opposed from the outside.  This is a main theme of this website and of course we’ve talked about it quite recently.

There is physical security.  Latches bolted, doors locked, husband and wife have ready weapons, children age 10 and above have access to and are responsibly trained to use a bee bee gun for combat.  Children below the age of ten know where to hide so mommy and daddy can find them after the intruder has been expelled from the premises.  This type of security, should not stem from fear, but should stem from being self-possessed, self-actualized and courageous.  It truly is a function of psychological security.

There is National Security.  This is done primarily by our United States government but it should flow from the psychological hardiness of our citizenry as well.
The point is that while not all of us may be property owners (yet) we should endeavor to live and be secure in our persons, and in our homes.  This applies, spiritually, psychologically, physically,intellectually and otherwise.

There are other kinds of security as well such as economic security.  This should also stem from our own sense of personal security.  It should stem from confidence in knowing who we are, what we are about, and what kind of work we are crafted for.  Sadly, too many folks in this country want to abdicate this responsibility to own this aspect of their lives and want an external source to take care of it for them.  This creates two problems.  One for the individual and a huge one for society.

First, the individual starts to form bad psychological habits.  They begin to think someone else should take care of them.  Then they act as though this is the case.  This then stalls them from what they really should be doing.  Intensively job hunting.  This when multiplied across our population creates a socio-economic problem.  This leads into the second problem.

Second, the nation or society.  This leads to those of us who are at least trying to make a living and a life for ourselves to carry those who are not trying.  Mind you, I actually want to help those who can’t (mentally handicapped folks like my sister) help themselves, and even those who are making a sincere effort through true community and interpersonal support.

The problem is with those, who for whatever reason, won’t make an effort to support themselves.  I understand that what passes for poverty in this country has a variety of causes.  Its much like a how culture develops.

A group of people at one point in time or another were somehow defeated by forces external to them, and then they made a choice to stay down, but they kept producing children.  Those children raised in the values of that culture, adopted the mindset through external conditioning and weren’t even taught that they had a choice in the matter.

As a result of this conditioning it is “impossible” for them to get out of those conditions, because their minds won’t let them.  Ultimately their culture reinforces the mindset of defeat, and so no real action is taken.

The takeaway is this.  Those of us who have well sustained jobs, need to keep ourselves, uplifted, inspired, proactive and engaged in life.  Not just engaged, but actively running and leading our own lives.  Through proactivity and sustained effort over time, we will make things better for ourselves.

Those who are trapped in that poverty culture need to make the choice, to stop believing the lies they have been fed about how conditions can’t be changed.  The change starts with you and what you can control.  This will ultimately lead to mental, physical, emotional, spiritual security and will lead to external security, which will lead to all of us, securing the land.

What would securing the land of your mind make possible for you?


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