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February 28, 2013 / Dale Melchin

Platform By Michael S. Hyatt: A Book Review

Its been said that your life will be changed by the books you read and the people you meet.  Well, there is book out there that has totally changed my perspective on success in the online marketing business.  That is the book Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World.  I am a huge Michael Hyatt fan boy and as a result, I got this book as soon as it came out, I read it in days and it has inspired me greatly to build my Platform in a very real way.  I hope as a result of this review you will go out and get this book.  For those of you that do know me personally know that I will occasionally talk about online marketing and the opportunities that are available to us.   For those of you who are non-believers in the world of making money from the internets let me say this.  It doesn’t matter if someone is already saying something like what you are saying.  You still have a chance to get on stage because you aren’t saying it the way you say it.  You may be able to reach others that other people just don’t appeal to as a result you have an opportunity.  Just keep an open mind.  With that, I give you, my review of Platform.

In this book, Michael breaks down the Platform building process step by step.  He points out that too often we turn the idea of success into a black art.  I’m putting this into my own words.  It is either mystical, unattainable, and as a result, these paradigms will often block us from what we want.  We don’t realize it because they are part of our unconscious presuppositions.  Those can overcome with meditation, self-reflection, self-improvement and other methods.  You have to acknowledge them, falsify them, and embrace new ones.  This is more my gleanings from the book.  We have to absolutely overcome these barriers if we are going to build any kind of platform.

The book gives you actionable items that you can move on immediately regardless of your budget.  The first of which is web hosting.  It is relatively cheap to do.  I have gotten quotes of it being in the $4.00/ a month.  Regardless of your budget, you can afford to create a website.  Having a self-hosted website makes it easier for you to sell things and create income in short order.  However, the income will generally happen after you have followers and readers on your website.

Starting off is free until you get traction.  You can start off using a WordPress blog, much like this one.  I have 240 visitors a month, give or take.  It took me over a year to get that kind of traffic.  I’m saying this to set the expectations.  You may not see money right away.  But as Pat Flynn says you do the hard work now so you can reap the benefits later.

You can truly be yourself.  While you are working on this you can be yourself.  In fact that is the best way to be while you are posting online.  The online community rewards authenticity and generosity.

Michael Hyatt uses his own story as well as others as an example of yes it can be done.   He falsifies the idea that being a CEO contributed to his success.  He makes the point that if you can find the intersection of the following items will lead you to success.  You have to have a passion for the subject.  Then you must choose a an area with market demand.  You must also have quality content.  This is the most important thing and building the platform is the next most important.  If you don’t have quality content your product will die fast with exposure to the market.  If you do have quality content… well things will inevitably get better.

The Key Takeaway from the book is that you will only succeed by doing and the best time to start is today.  The best time to plan a tree is 20 years ago, the second best time is today.  Building a platform, you should’ve started that 8 years ago.  The second best time, is now.  Just because someone or several people are in your niche doesn’t mean you shouldn’t contribute to the conversation.  The world lacks your unique perspective.   If you are generous, social, add and multiply value, you will be rewarded for it.

Take action now, regardless of skill, you’ll get it squared away.  Here are the takeaways.  Screw fear.  There is something more important than fear that is your platform.  Take action. Also don’t quit your day job until you are sustainable.  To quote Bart Reed, if you execute daily, you will be successful.


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