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February 27, 2013 / Dale Melchin

Poise: Sting Like a Bee. Don’t Float Like a Butterfly, that is ridiculous

From the Webster-Merriam Dictionary

Poise: to hold or carry (the head) in a particular way.

This blog usually talks about how we relate to ourselves and then how we relate to the external world.  It is important that we are good actors in the journey to success.  If we are able to act confidently, even if we are raging with self doubt on the inside, it will help us get to our goals that much faster.

In other words, to a certain extent, we need to be good actors.

Ideally, we want to be so strong on the inside, that it flows out into our interactions with others.  While this in some cases is possible, it doesn’t always happen.  This is why we need to focus on cultivating such self control and discipline that even though we are wracked with doubt, no one else knows about what’s going on within.

This all goes into how we carry ourselves.  Head high, shoulders back, eye contact, firm handshakes and so on.  The basics.
And ultimately, we must believe in ourselves and our mission if we are going to be able to sting like a bee, and not float like a butterfly.

What would more poise make possible for you?


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