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February 21, 2013 / Dale Melchin

From the Pyramid II: Captialism: God’s way of… or is it?

Capitalism: God’s way of determining who is smart and who is poor.

This is one of the items that I think could stand modification.  Capitalism as with all other systems are flawed.  In my view though it is the best one we have because it ultimately puts responsibility back on the individual.  This is true even in especially in our time with all of the opportunities to create businesses on the internet through blogging and social media.

While God did not “invent” capitalism.  It is the system that best lines up with creation and natural law.   In capitalism you reap what you sow on several levels.

  1. You get paid back for the quality of your product
  2. You get paid back for your ability to market it
  3. You get paid back for the relationships you build.
  4. You get paid back for the opportunities you learn from failure and loss
  5. You get paid back for the courage you develop

The more socialistic systems lack these benefits and if overused can and will encourage personal stagnation.  I have seen this very thing play out in my position as a customer service rep as well as in situations that I have been in where I have had to be involved with people who are benefiting from the social system.  I mean no disrespect to you if you are receiving help right now and are making an effort to turn the tide in your life.  I do mean you disrespect though if you are working the system and are making no effort to provide for yourself.  I grant that we all need to work together, but ultimately we are our own greatest ally.  The whole point of our lives are to be in the driver’s seat making our choices, and doing what is best for ourselves and our families and friends to come to self actualization and self transformation.

So I guess you can say that Ron is right, from a certain point of view!

What would having a more “capitalistic” approach to your life and business make possible for you?


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