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February 18, 2013 / Dale Melchin

How to Get the Guy or Girl Part 7: Happily Ever After

This is it.  The carriage, car or horse into the sunset.  Happily ever after.
Clearly, our lives are not the movies, but if you are doing the things that I have suggested, which is really what other experts have suggested, on the whole you will live happily ever after.  To boil down love week, I’ll give you the following points.

  1. Be sure you are both intentional people who are committed to a several vision and a united vision.  So often we just let life blow us about.  Our lives are like a sailing ship.  Our lives, must be properly “sailed” and “captained.”
  2. Make positive deposits that are meaningful to each party in the relationship.  This is key.  If you make a deposit and it is not received as intended, it will be blood on the ground.
  3. Be committed to maintenance and damage control.  Like cars, marriages need to have the oil changed and the fluids flushed (no pun intended 😉 ).  Seriously though, work on the relationship, make deposits and have regular conversations about what’s going good, what’s missing and what could be done even better.
  4. Be sure to involve your mentors in your relationship.  This will keep you from getting blindsided by your blind spots and will help you get better at your relationship.
  5. Above all else, enjoy.  You married this person for a reason.  Make sure that reason is evident in the good bad and the ugly.

Alright friends, that concludes love week.  If you have questions comments or concerns please leave them below and I’ll be happy to point you to good resources that will help you strengthen your marriage!


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