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February 11, 2013 / Dale Melchin

How to Get the Girl(or guy) and Keep the Girl(or guy), a Five Part Series

Over my time here on the earth I have observed a whole range of romantic relationships that I stood on the outside of and observed.  Some of the those relationships met with glorious success, others were glorious failures.  I have seen some that have started as a passionate lustful relationship in the beginning end in great long term success, I’ve also seen relationships that start off as pure relationships and end in glorious failure. I’ve also seen pure relationships succeed mightily, and I’ve seen the initially passionate relationships die off.

Regardless of lifestyle choices if one is not intentional about their romance, it can go in directions that are unforeseen, and can lead to great emotional pain or great emotional fulfillment.  I’ve also witnessed the good, the bad and the ugly from many permutations of these relationships. Like anything in this world relationships are based upon principles that operate on a consistent and predictable basis.

It is my intention to help throw some light on those principles and help you conform yourself to those principles so that way you will have lasting success in your romantic life.

Players, misogynists, and misandrists, need not read on.  Karma will get you if you attempt to weaponize these principles to your own mischievous ends.

In the days ahead up to the 15th (possibly beyond) we will cover several areas that are vital to relationships, and you may not have thought of these areas in the way that I am presenting them to you, so keep an open mind.

The topics will be:

Being.  You have to be the person you want to attract.  This isn’t rocket science, but if you want someone who embodies certain traits or ideals you yourself must embody them first.  In other words if you want your prince charming or knight in shining armor you must a warrior princess and vice versa.

Doing.  Even in our sexually charged culture, everyone intuitively knows that love is a verb.  Our attempts at romance must be disciplined rigorous and energetic.  And just so we are clear, I’m not talking about sex!  I’m talking about actions taken that facilitate good feelings in the relationship.

Attachment.  This is a controversial one.  All traditions call us to let go of our attachments and aversions, but this does not mean we abandon relationships.  I will share more on that in the actual post.

Wooing. This is similar to doing but different, these are things that are done specifically to attract that special someone.  This one will be very practical with some specific do’s and don’ts.

The Big Questions. Do you like me? Do you value what I value? Do we value the same things? Do our visions sync up? Will you date me?  Can you walk with me? Will you marry me? (fellas, you should be the one to ask this) I will go into these in further detail.  There are other oriented questions that you should ask, but I will get into those later in the series.

Maintenance and Damage Control. You have them, you plan to be with them a long time what are you (both ) going to do to make that happen?

Some of these posts will be interrelated and I’ll probably repeat myself a few times, never the less, we will together uncover the secrets.  I will also give you bonus post later on what to do and what NOT to do if it isn’t working.

And that will be what you can expect this week.

What questions do you have about relationships?


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