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February 7, 2013 / Dale Melchin

The Power of Grit and Tenacity Part 1

Music of all kinds is an important and inspiring part of  our existence, even the loud stuff.  Listen to this song by Five Finger Death Punch.

The most profound part of this song is the line “…Behind the gun I’ll make my final stand.”

I don’t know the history of this song, but when I’ve listened to it I’ve always seen two things in my minds eye.  The first is a righteous rebel making his last stand against Imperial Troops and refusing to surrender.  The other is future king David with his 400 men, especially in the second stanza “…now these towns…”

Regardless of what the song makes you see, its paints a very vivid picture of tenacity and grit and how we should approach our vision.  Now, I don’t mean that everything is a hill that we should die upon, just our vision. I realize our vision according to Michael Hyatt is something we should allow to change as we grow over time.  Here is what I mean.

Failure is a lot like death, it seems like it is final but it isn’t, it’s actually the beginning of something more awesome.  In Christianity, a martyr is a winner even though he dies for the cause of Christ.  In every tradition the person who dies for his vision of reality is the one who wins. If you are working toward your vision and you are following all the right processes and you fail at it, you still win, because you are going in the right direction.  Even if it doesn’t work out and you did all you could do, you still win, especially if you don’t give up.

The difference between failure and death is that after the smoke settles and you are on the other side of failure you can extract the learning from it.  Namely you can find what caused the failure if it was an external event.  You can also find out what was missing if you weren’t doing something that would’ve contributed to success.

If you are able to take something away from that failure that you incorporate later and it contributes to your success later, you win.  You are the victor and you achieve power over it.

Failure is final and like an atheistic death if one of these things happen as a result.  You blame others for the failure when clearly it was something that you could’ve prevented.  Ultimately, only you truly know if it was something you could’ve prevented.  Your conscience will tell you if it was.  Your courage is reduced as a result of the failure and you begin to avoid risk and as a consequence avoid opportunity.

Over the next couple of days I will share personal stories, of failure, lost visions and how to make a comeback.  But for now, I leave this question.

What would cultivating more grit and tenacity make possible for you?  To comment please post below.


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