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January 28, 2013 / Dale Melchin

Self Reliance: You are Your Greatest Ally

Have you ever failed at something?  Well, that’s a stupid question, we all have.  Even the greatest of us have failed.  The key to this though is to learn to what John Maxwell calls “Fail Forward.”  From an intellectual stand point this is easy, we learn from the failure correct our behaviors and move on.

Now, the challenge comes to us when we are dealing with the psychological fallout of failure.  In other words, when we fail, our internal narrative or monologue beats us up and keeps us from learning from the failure or moving on from it.

Michael Hyatt on his most recent podcast offers some awesome insights into changing your personal story.  It involves writing down the narrative, labeling it as empowering, or is it enabling victim thinking and behavior and then based upon your assessment of that thought writing a new story in place of it.  Later on after doing this you can arm yourself with it when the old story attacks you.

The other inspiration for this is more comical is … Ron Swanson from the series Parks and Rec on NBC.

While he is a caricature of manliness in modern times, he is someone to aspire to emulate.  The reason being is that he thinks his own thoughts, is self-reliant and has a sense of personal honor, wants the government to leave him alone and wants other people to be at a minimum, self reliant.  This blog post comes from the top of his Pyramid of Greatness.

Now this raises the question, why are you your greatest ally?  Why am I my greatest ally?  This is true for two reasons.

The first reason is that you are the driver of the vehicle of your life.  Only you can determine when you are going to go in our life.

The second reason is complementary to this.  The other side of is that others cannot determine what you will be in life.  If you do not do the first, the other systems at work in life will try to fold you into its goals.  What you need to do is to seize control of your life and drive your life.  You must learn to train yourself to rely on yourself.

You, are your greatest ally.


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