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January 21, 2013 / Dale Melchin

Linear Thinking Verses Lateral Thinking

It is said that it takes all kinds.  This saying is often applied to life and the world in general, it also applies in the world of success and life change.  Let me explain.

Have you ever met someone who is so bound to critical and linear thinking that any thought of something “chaotic” “super-normal” or supernatural or even just creative is out of the question?  Or the opposite, someone who is so chaotic  into the supernatural, creative or emotional that they immediately run from intellectual or logistic pursuit?  I have met both kinds, and both of them have helped me greatly in my journey.

I’m not going to go into examples, because they are too replete.  I also don’t to offend my readers anymore than I already do.  However, one thing you need to remember is that we need both of these people.

The lateral thinkers inspire us.  They can bring things together into a synthesized whole and create new possibilities for friends, family, clients and customers.  They are literally able to mentally fly above the systems and reroute them in such a way that they create something all together different.  They open us up to new possibilities for the future.

The linear thinkers keep us grounded, they keep things on task and on schedule and on budget.  If they are highly developed they can create new systems to help us do things better.  People will often fault engineers for being boring, but they aren’t.  They have a strong command of the nuts and bolts.  They can design, or take apart and rebuild it into something all together different.

My point is we need both for the future of humanity.  The other point is we need to have both elements within ourselves to transcend our problems and create new lives for ourselves.  If we are able to develop these traits with in us, we are able to to become like God.  I will explain this one a little more.

Regardless of whether or not you believe in a Supreme Being, the concept is a fascinating one, even to the most staunch agnostic unless of course your name is Christopher Hitchens.. but I digress.

A Being Who is so powerful and wise who simply by speaking a word can bring the entire system of Creation into existence, and He infinitely knows all of its subsystems how they work and how they can break down, and how to fix them.  If we can attain one millionth of that ability, we put ourselves further ahead than where we were.

We have been gifted with that ability through our right brain.  The ability to imagine and yes fantasize, it creates new possibilities for us.  This is where the concept of Visioneering comes in.  Once we get the picture of what we want from life, we can work backward from that vision and create the logistics and systems to make that happen.

We are also uniquely gifted with the ability of linear thought.  God on the other hand does not need this ability because He is over all.  He can speak and boom its already done.  He has given us the ability to participate in His creativity through the use of time and logistics.  Time, coupled with thought and action enables us to create the results we desire in our lives.

Say what you will, but discipline, persistence, coupled with creative energy enable us, however briefly to touch and participate in the Divine.


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