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January 17, 2013 / Dale Melchin

Drastic Changes and How They Can Net a Positive Outcome For You

M.J. Demarco in his book the Fastlane Millionare, he recounts his journey to wealth has being precipitated by a sharp and drastic change in his circumstances.  His move to Arizona.  The psychological and spiritual insights gained from that story are fascinating and I will be breaking those down for you here.

  • He took control of the situation and acted.  In the book, MJ felt like he was hardly in control of anything in his life.  But, he ended up taking control of the one thing that most people don’t think of.  Their circumstances.  He chose to uproot everything and move to Arizona.  That move alone gave him what he would need to break with his past and get on the fast track to success.  It was not however without trial and tribulation.
  • He lived with and managed the risks involved.  During his time of transformation he lived from pay out to payout in a studio apartment.  He said living with such exposure to risk sucked, but he wouldn’t have it any other way.  The man literally built his life from the ground up after he moved out his mom’s basement.  Robert Kiyosaki says that one of the things we must learn to do if we are going to become successful is to learn to manage risk and not avoid it.  Avoidance comes from fear which is the opposite of courage, what is needed to be successful.
  • His actions combined with the creative work he got involved with resulted in a deluge of success that he netted both in the short and long term.  His first payout netted him enough to pay his rent.  The next payout was the lights and so on, and eventually it snow balled into something more than he bargained for.  Keep in mind though, this was during the dot com boom, so regardless of the work you are involved in your results may vary.

MJ’s story is not intended to be imitated, but those are some of the things we can take away.  Take control of the situation and act, manage risk, and learn to create and you will come into success.

I am by no means recommending that you quit your job right now, as tempted as one may be to do that.  What I am recommending though is to think outside of the box, and get after whatever dreams you have been putting off.  Use your current situation to do it, and the build on that.


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