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January 16, 2013 / Dale Melchin

Eight Reasons Why I want to move to Tennessee

M.J. Demarco in his book the Fastlane Millionare, he recounts his journey to wealth has being precipitated by a sharp and drastic change in his circumstances.  His move to Arizona.  The psychological and spiritual insights gained from that story are fascinating and would be an excellent blog post in and of its self, but I’ll do a short mini analysis here.

  1. He took control of the situation and acted.
  2. He lived with and managed the risks involved.
  3. His actions combined with the creative work he got involved with resulted in a deluge of success that he netted both in the short and long term.

I’ll leave Mr. Demarco alone for now.  Needless today his story serves as a pattern for a potential new narrative for many of us who aspire to be successful creatives.

Focusing in on his move however, I have 8 reasons why I want to move to Tennessee.

  • A more tolerable atmospheric climate.  Yeah, it gets hot and nasty in TN during the summer.  I’m used to that in the Midwest.  But one thing about the Midwest I can’t stand is the harsh winters and dreary late season weather.  According to Wikipedia the late season weather gets to be between 49 and 32 degrees in December, which is tolerable by my standards.
  • It is a more responsible political climate, it appears.  I don’t even want to get into Illinois politics other than they are annoying.  I grant that if we moved I’d find something to complain about in TN.  The point is I like the way things look there.  It looks like a more responsible state, although, I could be wrong.  I just remember very much enjoying Virginia when I was there as well, partly due to the political climate.
  • It has enough Urban to keep from being boring, but enough Rural to where an excellent weekend getaway with nature would be possible.
  • Finally some of the greatest creative minds live there, and I will list them individually as their own reasons for moving.
  • Dave Ramsey.  This man is an inspiration to millions of people to get there act together financially.  Dave has a phenomenal and rigorous system for getting control of one’s finances.  His fanatical and almost militaristic, but sustainable approach is a white hot alternative to the mediocrity of many other systems.  I’ve read his books and I used to listen to his show (schedule changes at my day job) and I can say that all of those resources are powerful weapons if wielded correctly.
  • Dan Miller.  Also a huge inspiration to me and to others.  This man carries with him a holistic approach to life and business that is unparalleled in many other success systems.  He explicitly tells you what life’s great secrets to success are and puts it back on you to be creative and execute in that regard.
  • Jon Acuff.  I had heard about him through Dan Miller and another gentleman that I will talk about in the next point.  I just had a chance to look at his website as of this writing (12/16/12) but he is another one of those successful creatives that I draw inspiration from.  I look forward to getting more into his material.
  • Michael Hyatt.  This man hands down has been responsible for many of the life changes I have made this year.  His blog is a great source of inspiration to me in all areas of life.  Because of his insights I’ve started taking personal leadership more seriously, I’ve started systematizing my life, started exercising again, I’ve started to look at life with a more “glass half full” approach as well.  I’ve also started blogging again and building my own Platform as well.  Many many changes I’m sure will come as a result of my learning from him.

So as you can see I have several reasons why I want to move to Tennessee.  I normally try to avoid self-centered blogs like this.  I wrote it though because I want you to consider this.

We all have reasons (excuses) for putting off the things we want to do in life.  I’m writing this to encourage you to give you more reasons to act out of your imagination.  To give you real, powerful reasons for doing whatever is necessary to execute on the life changes that you need and want to make.

Who are some people who have made life better for you?  What would a drastic move to a place you desire to go make possible for you?


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