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January 12, 2013 / Dale Melchin

The Absolute Importance of Finding Work that is Meaningful Part II: How to Do It

I referenced the what to do earlier in the article.  Now there is the how to do it.  Do the profiles, do different kinds of work, job shadow with different folks.   Also meditate and look with in.  What is important to you?  Making lots of money?  Helping folks?  (Those aren’t mutually exclusive, by the way.)

After you do those profiles, come up with a plan and take action.  Unfortunately this isn’t something you can just conjure up.  We do live in a world based on rules and process.  So there is a process to getting to the work you love.  The key is choosing and following the right processes so that way you get it right.

The thing of it is, when you find work that you love the money will follow.  I know that seems counter intuitive, but it is true.  If you are happy in your work (the place where you spend most of your time.) The less money you’ll spend on distractions and the more money you’ll keep.

If you are in work where you own the business.  You are in a position to make open ended income.  If you are in a professional position where the amount of money made is high, but it limited, you have other options to increase your income through investment, or possibly creating your own business.

The point is if you do this, the money shows up.  If you focus on money entirely, the money eludes you.  It’s like the line in the Bible.  He who wishes to save his life shall lose it, if he choses to lose his life, he shall save it.  Jesus wasn’t talking about suicide.  He was talking about focusing on others rather than on one’s self.

The same trick works with money.  Let it go and go after your meaningful work, and the money will come back to you.


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