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January 9, 2013 / Dale Melchin

The Matrix of Conditioning III

As you are following the path to success and to self-actualization and self transcendence  there will come a point where you are asked the ultimate questions.  You will be asked to forsake all that you were for all that you will become.  That could be breaking the loop of poverty, or something not as bad such as mediocrity.  It could be something as sinister as breaking the cycle of abuse on certain levels.  Or it could be as profound as exchanging a life of victimhood for having the life of a victor.  In any case this clip is appropriate.  (Please pardon the profanity and vulgarity in the subtitles.  They will help you get the point.) 😉

Ultimately, Neo says for lack of better words… “Screw You!” to the Architect.

While I realize that we don’t have anything as profound as the salvation of the human race hinging on our choices, there is another point to be made from this inspiring clip.

Despite, what we think or feel may happen, we must follow our vocation.  This does not mean forsaking social responsibility.  It means breaking the chains that bind us to the dependence of others.

That is exactly what Neo did in this clip.  If you’ve seen the rest of the Matrix Trilogy you know that he literally hazarded all to save all.

That is exactly the attitude we must have toward our purpose in that we should seek to achieve it with that much recklessness, but that we look to benefit all in the process of doing it.

What would having Neo’s attitude toward the “Architects” in your life make possible for you?


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