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January 8, 2013 / Dale Melchin

The Matrix of Conditioning Part II

The Matrix is one of my favorite movies ever.  Regardless of what you may think of the the movie, its plot are so layered and complex, it is like a good wine.  I do call upon that movie from time to time to make points in this blog.  If you haven’t seen it, I recommend watching the entire trilogy in one day if possible.  It will blow your mind.

To open this post with a quote from The Matrix which is a conversation between Neo (who is still in transition from his identity as Thomas A. Anderson to Neo.)  I beg of you to pardon the adds and such and stay on the page and finish the post until the video finishes and then please, read on.

Sadly, this is a lot like our world.  People who become born again into the Christian faith are often rejected by those who once loved them.  People who achieve the mindset of the successful before they succeed in the real are often attacked by those who were their friends because what the person is doing is different from what they are doing.  This also goes for people who manage to find their purpose, and those who have no purpose or who haven’t actualized that purpose attack the purposeful one because they are starting to buck the system.  It was one of the contributing factors to the Crucifixion because what Jesus was advocating was an upset to the Pharisaic and Roman ways of thinking.  It also why Socrates was forced drink the hemlock.

Both of them were advocating a way of seeing and being that were beyond the systems of those times.

In the case of Christ He came back to life gloriously and proved His point.  Socrates did not, however, his methods lived on for hundreds of years through his followers.

I juxtapose the Matrix, the Gospel and the Gadfly of Athens to each other to make a point.

If you decided to overcome your conditioning and become more self aware you will encounter resistance first from yourself, and then from those who profess to love you.

My recommendation to you is to be true to your purpose.  Your family and friends will probably not kill you.  In the Western world we are for the most part beyond that kind of behavior.

People who are dependent upon the system don’t like those who have become independent.  As a result, you must lock arms with those who have also gained independence from it on a certain level and work together to achieve something greater.

The beauty is though.  If you manage to achieve your purpose.  You might get the attention of those you left behind and they may decide to follow you on the journey out of their conditioning, and you get the opportunity to help them.



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