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January 5, 2013 / Dale Melchin

The Type of Judgment that Must Be Exercised

While we do want to maintain an attitude of non-judgment in our day to day relationships, there is a level of judgment that we must use in other areas.  When the problem with a person or persons goes having compassion for imperfections, and crosses a line where law, morality or ethics are violated, and it becomes an issue where evil must be combated.

We must still have compassion for that person as a human being.  If a person has crossed that line, they must be stopped and prevented from engaging in evil behavior.

Exercising this kind of judgment is something where you have to have the courage to confront and use the proper systems afforded by society to stop the evil from being perpetrated.

This comes in various forms.  It could be something as petty as white collar crime, it could be something as heinous as murder.  In any case compassion for humanity may sometimes require us to take up arms (literally or figuratively) against wickedness.

Regardless of what the evil is the universe does not penalize us for defending ourselves or our loved ones.  Even in this area, we must take care that in our self-defense, we do not cultivate hate, toward the person.  Ultimately love and compassion for those being defended must be our motivation.  Also, a level of “I wish you would change” or “I hate to have to do this but it is necessary (Obi Wan vs Anakin) must be in our minds.  Or else we cause damage to ourselves.


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