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January 3, 2013 / Dale Melchin

The Value of Hurry Up and Wait

I was writing this at work when our systems were down.  I was rather agitated with signing up for overtime and not working when I could’ve been at home writing.


As of this writing, I am sitting at me desk at work trying to get logged into my systems.  Now, it seems counter-intuitive that i’d be sour about getting paid OT and doing nothing.  I have to good reasons why I am sour.

I am writing this article with pen and paper.  I’m cut of form access my other systems.  There are about 10 to 15 othe rthings I’d rather be doing right now in other areas of my life than sitting idle in front of my computer.

Instead of learning about contentment and how direct myself in annoying circumstances.

I mean, I really should be grateful.  I am at work.  I can write an article

The upside is that I am getting pad for being here and I’m not directly working right now.

Well, the systems appear to be working.  Hi-ho! Hi-Ho!

Not entirely up….

Remember, be content where you are work with what you have.  Respond, don’t react.


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