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January 2, 2013 / Dale Melchin

Creating Organization and Getting More Done this Year

Alright, so you are ready for success this year, you understand how the 7 primary areas of life fit together, you’re writing your mission statement and you’ve almost got it drafted.  So far you are doing excellent!  You’ve set some goals and now you realize.  OH MY GOSH!!! HOW AM I GOING TO ACCOMPLISH THIS IN 365 DAYS!!??!!?

Stop it!  Breathe, deeply, call upon that inner core you are cultivating and relax for a second.

The key to accomplishing your lifes goals is careful day to day management of those goals during the year.  You have the vision and the strategy.  Now we get into the tactics, where the day to day battles are won or lost.  As you are leading your life, you need to effectively manage your time.  So many of us fall short of our goals because we are disorganized, and I am here to help you end that problem.  Even during the year, you are going to mess up from time to time.  The key is get back up after you’ve fallen down.  If you get up more times than you fall down.  You will win

To put it in Michael Hyatt’s terms, the key is to be intentional.  My recommendation is to spend about a year with a pen and paper planner to ingrain the habit before you use smartphones/online calendars.  If you feel you will nail down the habit sooner, by all means, transition to the electronic version once you have the pen and paper habits down.

My next recommendation is and you need to do and do this every week, is spend time at the beginning of the week planning your week in line with your goals.  Start by putting all the stuff into your calendar that you must get done.  If you have a regular job, or school, put those regular classes or shifts into your calendar first.  Also if you have a where you have a high latitude of time, you’ll want to integrate the stuff you need to do into this planning process, meetings, tasks and projects as well.  After that plan out time that you will take for yourself for general personal development.  You want to do this stuff early in the day so it gets done before you have to go into work.   After you get those important and urgent things done plan on the items that you need to stay organized in your personal life.  This includes chores around the house, family events etc.  You want to make sure you are hitting all seven areas of your life and getting everything scheduled so there are few surprises in your schedule.

This will help you managed the day to day of your life so you get your goals accomplished rather than getting knocked around by life.

The other thing you need to do is as part of your routine, review your schedule so that way you are adapting on a daily basis, and here is why.

Clients Cancel

Other’s schedules get disrupted

Problems happen

So you want to be fluid.  This will help you adapt to others changes, but also to your own changes in your schedule.

This weekly planning process will govern all your other processes.  You can systematize almost any task into a process that governs how things happen in real life.  I will break this down into other areas.  It isn’t always a physical system.  Sometimes, it goes back to habit.  This will intersect with your resource (time allocation) on other activities.

You would give most of your time to high leverage activities, and the least or minimum amount of times to maintenance tasks so that way those don’t become a problem.

You notice, I’m only giving you general principles and I’m not telling you how to do it.  Your best thing would be to do the research.  I personally use a hybrid of the Franklin-Covey and the Michael Hyatt weekly review to help me stay on top of things.  There are other systems out there such as Getting things Done, the Success System that never fails.  These are resources that are readily available so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel.  If this is your first Rodeo with Planning Systems, I highly recommend the Franklin-Covey system because it is simple enough to comprehend, but sophisticated enough to handle the most complex life style.

If you want to do more research on priority management systems.  I would recommend getting the Book Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, Getting Things Done and reading the article the Importance of the Weekly Review by Michael Hyatt.  Those three items will be enough grist in the mill to get your mind flowing with ideas as to how to set your system up.

I’ll share how I organize my week in another article.  Right now, I just want to help you get started!

What would being more highly organized make possible for you?


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