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December 31, 2012 / Dale Melchin

Expect Great Things

Nothing is New Under The Sun

What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun.  Ecclesiastes

This goes for everything.  There has always been technology in one form or another.  There has always been technology, conflict, transportation, business, winning, losing, excellence, mediocrity, crossing the line, being fearful, being over the top.  This goes for nations too.  There has been wide spread chaos, war, famine, disaster.  No matter what happened, it will happen again in some form or another.  Primal Evil is not new, Supreme Good is not new.

And yet there are new things.  We create new incarnations of technology, we find better ways to be and to do good, to do business, better, more efficiently, we find new ways to be over the top and new ways to fight, to live.

It is a matter of degree and kind.  The further we advance in technology and in overall globalization the opportunities for good to prevail or evil to prevail on a wide spread basis will arise and we will need to guard ourselves from thinking technology will help us.

Just as the body needs the soul to live, so humanity would be the soul of technology.  We have to give it purpose meaning and direction.

The point of this blog, and that verse is not to encourage cynicism and apathy.  It is to help us cultivate a healthy detachment from our circumstances so that our feeling are not buffeted by them, so that we may use that energy to better ourselves to adapt and interface with those changes.

Sometimes, change can be painful.  If a change takes place in the environment and you get knocked down as a result.  Who’s fault is it?  Well, fault can be assigned anywhere, and everywhere.  So we won’t talk about fault and blame.  Whose responsibility is it to work on making a full recovery?

It is the responsibility of each and every individual to recover, to retrain themselves to adapt to the environment, and to become so proactive that we are able to stay ahead of the changes in our world.

The point of this is not to be a discourager.  It is actually to encourage you.  It is to encourage you to expect not just good things, but the problems as well and to maintain the pro-activity to solve or avoid those problems.

If you expect it, you can account for it.  If you can account for it, you can work with it and prevail over it

All of you on this Eve of Renewal, have a safe and joyous New Year!  Work for the best outcomes in the following year and enjoy life for all that it is!  Here is to the New Year!


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