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December 30, 2012 / Dale Melchin

Social/Emotional Development

As we get further out into the external environment, we need to think about how much control we have over our emotions, and how we relate to others.
In negative situations with other people we can often let negativity hijack the situation.  The antidote to this is to call upon our spirituality.  We need to learn to breathe before responding.  And then truly respond with intentionality toward a positive outcome instead of merely reacting.  Breathing prevents emotional hijacking.

Emotional hijacking can take place on the positive side as well and lead to an overall negative experience.  Not that we shouldn’t enjoy the feelings that stem from a victory.  In either case emotional hijacking can lead to a bad experience.

We must feel and acknowledge our feelings, to the fullest extent, and process them, but not be ruled by our emotions.  Through our spirituality we develop a Teflon kind of shielding.  It gets on there, but it doesn’t stick.

While we want to make sure that we stand up for ourselves, we also want to make sure that we aren’t looking out for ourselves too much to the extent that we exclude others.  We want to make sure we are able to be there and fully tooled up for others, and then we want to make sure we are looking out for others and empathizing with them, and having effective relationships with them.  Giving them the time that they need, so that way you can both get things done.
In conclusion developing our emotional management and social skills is very necessary.  It is a natural outflow of the spiritual center, because it affects others as well as ourselves.

It functions a lot like the oil in our engine or the coolant/antifreeze in our cars.  If we don’t change it regularly or make sure it is present in the car, it will make the engine in the car unstable and cause a blowout.  Same thing with emotional regulation and intelligence, if it is lacking our psychosomatic engine will be subject to blowouts.


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