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December 29, 2012 / Dale Melchin

Greater Financial Control Part II

Now when it comes to topline issues, the key is innovation and creativity.  Or go into sales. 😉
Seriously though.  We have moved from the industrial age in America to the Creative, Idea and Innovation Age, and it is just beginning.
Some things are still going to stay constant.  Such as the need to market and sell.  The emphasis has shifted to relationships.  You have to get into peoples inner circle and create strong word of mouth to get business.  In order to that, you have to have wow and be able to engineer it well.
The point is the old way of doing things is dying.  Now if you are reading this, I would imagine that at some level you have a talent or a skill that you can share with others and market it online.  Even if it is out there already, it’s not being expressed through your unique perspective.

The key is to create.  If you are an auto mechanic you can do videos on how to change your oil, and then sell a manual for how to do that.  You could write a blog about comedic moments with customers as a shop tech or shop owner.  The possibilities are endless.  In my case, I’ve observed what works and what doesn’t work in life and relationships and I write about it.  I am working on my bachelors degree before I work on my counseling degree.  You can write about your cats, your dog, how to cut your grass.  It doesn’t matter.  You simply have to do it with excellence and wow people.
I know that you may or may not believe in God.  Regardless, we are the children of a Creator.  That means from a certain perspective, we are little creators.  Even if we don’t consider ourselves creative, we have a skill that we can create a platform around that can attract money to ourselves.  When you put yourself out there and are generous.  It simple becomes about sharing.  Believe it!

Creativity is where the money is.  You are also going to have to build your platform before you do this.

If you don’t want to be a creative, you can still going into sales.  If you are able to communicate with and persuade others, you can be rich.  Sales is one of the best methods to get rich b/c you have unlimited income potential and you control how much money you make through contacts and systems.

The other is to start a business where you over time create passive income.

Those are going to be the best methods to increase your financial control.  Good budgeting habits, and good marketing.


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