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December 26, 2012 / Dale Melchin

Physical Development III

This will be the third installment of physical development which is the 3rd most important tool in your development of a successful life.  In the first installment I basically used scare tactics to convince you of the need to exercise.  In the second installment I advised you of the several positive benefits of physical exercise.  In this we’ll discuss how sustained physical fitness and activity  is an Icon(microcosm) of the successful life that we all wish to lead.

I’ll explain that last sentence a little more precisely.  It has been said that the difference between successful people is that successful people do what unsuccessful people don’t want to do.  If we use that sentence as a framework, you’ll see what I mean.  Unsuccessful people don’t want to delay gratification.  Successful people delay gratification to the end of achieve their goals.  Successful people will avoid spending money, inactivity, and anything that keeps them from their goals.  Successful people will brave their fears, make the necessary contacts, and do the work needed to get the success they seek.  Unsuccessful people avoid those things again for a variety of spiritual and psychological reasons which are really excuses.  Let me illustrate it more clearly using some sales training from the Glorious Tom Hopkins.

Successful salespeople will make contacts and endure rejection.  They will invest in training, they will invest in personal development, over and against things that would bring them gratification now such as… avoiding contacts.  They will develop the ability to deal with problems rather than avoid them.

In physical fitness, successful people embrace the pain of change that comes with physical activity.  I’m not talking about injurious pain.  I’m talking about enduring lactic acid from previously unworked muscles. I’m talking also about the fatigue that come from a glorious weightlifting regimen.  Not the pain of torn muscles.  The lactic acid or fatigue is evidence that you are doing things right. Those who are successful embrace it.  Those who fail at exercise, reject that, and as a result reject the glorious benefits that come from exercise, and in a very real way reject longevity.  (Yes I am trying to scare you on to that treadmill. 😉 ).

If you embrace the good pain and fatigue, you will, over time, triumph gloriously.  You will attain the aforementioned benefits of physical fitness over time.  I realize we all have various metabolisms, but if you do it right you can radically transform yourself which I will elaborate upon in the next post.


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