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December 22, 2012 / Dale Melchin

Physical Development II

In my last post I discussed the hazards of neglecting your physical body and how it can lead to great sorrow if the call to physical exercise isn’t heeded.  Your overall success will depending on how physically fit you are and your ability to enjoy your life.

In this post I will wax a little more didactic rather than preachy for this one.  Aside from preventing an untimely death there are several other positive benefits to physical exercise that I would like to iterate here.

Physical exercise this also feeds back into spirituality and personal development and causes net gains across the board.  Self-control is a virtue in all traditions, even the ones that allow for “misbehavior.”  Your physical exercise will translate in your ability to say no to temptation more often if you are doing it.  It will also help you engage in behaviors at work that will drive net success and make you more money.  You’ll be more productive and over time, despite the fact that working for someone else can be an aggravating experience, you will be rewarded.

It also helps you rest easier.  The more efficient your body is at pumping blood, the more stress you’ll be able to sustain stress.  Your sleep will also be more restful.  If you engage in meditation, your meditation will be more productive as well.

Physical exercise over time will make you more attractive.  Men, the ladies will want you if you look like Channing Tatum and act like a gentleman.  Ladies, the men will be more inclined to you if you have a nice body and act like a sweetheart.  And for those of you who have different preferences… well you’ll still be more attractive!

I realize that looks aren’t everything, but looks are a lot, and not only that looking that good will have long term benefits not just longevity… but… other things that are related to the longevity of the human race, both directly and indirectly. 😉

What else would sustained physical activity make possible for you?


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